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The Kamer family and their dog Nemo prepare
to embark on their journey to Israel and a new life.

MARY MARKOS Would you pick up everything you can carry, leave behind some of your belongings and even some loved ones, and move to Israel? Last week, over 218 Olim who had made that big decision were part of an annual journey sponsored by Nefesh B’Nefesh. At a ceremony at New York’s JFK airport, 29 Read More

Mass. State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg: Fighting for Wage Equality

Massachusetts State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg

MARY MARKOS Deborah Goldberg runs a mission driven state treasurer’s office. Her vision is big and bold that government has the power to help people, so that’s what it should be doing. While Goldberg is new to the state treasurer’s office, having taken over from former treasurer Steve Grossman just a year-and-a-half ago, the idea Read More

Meeting Susan Silverman in Jerusalem

Rabbi Susan Silverman and her daughter Hallel (center) were arrested
at the Western Wall after they refused to remove their prayer shawls.

MARY MARKOS Susan Silverman, a rabbi, an author, and a mother of five, does not put on airs. She is comfortable in her own skin, casually dressed in sporty shorts, a T-shirt and a smile, not a visible trace of make-up on her as she welcomes this reporter for an interview in her Jerusalem home Read More

After the Fire at Brookline’s Butcherie

Above, a sign posted in The Butcherie’s storefront window on
Harvard Street in Brookline.

PENNY SCHWARTZ Two weeks after a fire shuttered The Butcherie, the community and nearby Jewish businesses are pitching in to support the area’s major kosher market and its customers, many of whom rely on the shop for products that are not available elsewhere. The Harvard Street shop is not expected to reopen for at least Read More

My Y2I Experience

LIAD ZAFRANI Almost a week ago now, my Y2I trip was finished, ending possibly the best two weeks I have ever had in my lifetime. On the trip, we discussed many topics regarding Israel advocacy and the importance of raising your children Jewish, which is the topic that I want to explore more. All my Read More

Love and Reproof

TODD FEINBURG Rabbi Steven Lewis of Temple Ahavat Achim in Gloucester sent me an email last week that included a reference to a rabbinic passage, the gist of which teaches, “Love unaccompanied by reproof is not love.” To reprove is to reprimand or censure. I took it that the point of this citation that Rabbi Read More

Pokémon Go: Good for the Jews?

Jewish Journal 072816

RABBI DAVID J. MEYER   Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Professor of Talmud at Yeshiva University, has described how as a young immigrant to America he tried explaining the importance of baseball to his bearded, pious and traditional grandfather. The elderly scholar, in his bewilderment, asked the proverbial question, “Is it good for the Jews?” Wherever you Read More