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Journal Correspondent

DECEMBER 14, 2017 - BOSTON – What happens when you assemble more than 6,000 Jews in one building? Boston got a glimpse of that last week at the Hynes Convention Center when the Union for Reform Judaism gathered for its Biennial meeting, touted as the largest gathering of Jews in North America. And the result Read More

Hanukkah was always kind of a letdown when I was a kid growing up in New England. Sure, we had the eight days of presents that caused my non-Jewish friends no shortage of jealousy, but I was more envious of them for having the market on the tinsel, outdoor home displays, and all the bells Read More

Journal Staff

DECEMBER 14, 2017 – Instead of sleeping late on Christmas day, Barry Silverman rises with a purpose. For the last 22 years, he has hopped into his car in Peabody and driven to My Brother’s Table in Lynn, where he oversees a cadre of volunteers who serve hundreds of meals to guests who have nowhere Read More

Journal Staff

DECEMBER 14, 2017 – In the lexicon of medical doctors, Ryan Zaklin often uses a word for healing that most practitioners have been loathe to utter: cannabis. While medical marijuana has been legal in Massachusetts since 2013, just 212 of the state’s 36,287 doctors have agreed to certify patients for legal use. Dr. Zaklin, who Read More

DECEMBER 14, 2017 – Darkness greets us at dawn in December. The morning winds begin, the trees sway, the leaves poke through the snow and ice and we carry on, adjusting – ignoring the chilly gusts that seem to whisper something new each morning. There is much to ponder in winter’s glare and shadows. We Read More

DECEMBER 14, 2017 – JERUSALEM – It’s been a year of nice, round anniversaries on the Zionist calendar. A full century has gone by since the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which began weaving the idea of a Jewish homeland in Palestine into the fabric of international resolutions and mandates that would emerge from the First World Read More