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Rabbi Yanklowitz speaking at an immigrant rights rally near the U.S. Mexico border last winter.

RABBI WHO HELPS ORPHANS AND DONATED KIDNEY TO SPEAK IN NEWTON Mary Markos Associate Editor Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz changes the lives of orphans. His interest in adoption grew when he and his wife Shoshana, who currently have two biological children, started trying to adopt five years ago. “We’ve always felt we wanted to give Read More

Rachel Shear and her Krav Maga class of young women.

Mary Markos Associate Editor After a stabbing in Ra’anana, Israel, last year left local Israelis in fear for their lives, Rachel Shear offered a free self-defense class against knife attacks at a local shul. “We had over 400 people coming the first night and 200 people coming the second night, so I opened up the Read More

Nancy Torgove Clasby recently published her book, “The Reluctant Mystic: Autobiography of an Awakening,” in which she describes an out of body experience that left her a clairvoyant. Clasby is the daughter of Joyce and Lloyd Torgove of Marblehead.

Mary Markos Associate Editor Nancy Torgove Clasby has been to heaven and back, literally. That’s where she learned our souls are small shards of light that descend from an enormous light, an all knowing, all loving, and all giving light. “Our lifetimes are very short; we think our lives are long but they are just Read More

From left to right: Kristen Donnelly, Chelsea Jewish Foundation; Jack Guilfuss, LFCL resident; Matt Siegel KISS 108; Joelle Smith, Chelsea Jewish Foundation; Judy Mastrocola, Chelsea Jewish Foundation; in the KISS 108 studio.

  Mary Markos Associate Editor Matt Siegel and his wife Maryann use an expression that they call “Princess Problems,” whenever they find themselves too caught up in the mundane problems of everyday life. “We realize there are a lot bigger things in the world than our day-to-day stuff and nothing brings that home more than Read More


Shelley A. Sackett Special to the Journal During this summer of bloated spectacles, from the latest Jason Bourne franchise’s car chases to Marvel superheroes pitted against each other instead of a common enemy, to the blood lust pageantry of the Republican National Convention, the remake of “Ben Hur” fits right in. The CGI-burdened (Computer Generated Read More

Ms. Nixon rediscovered a touching “bucket list” among her belongings during the cleanup of her flood-damaged home. Item three reads, “Find my husband, my soul mate,” while number four expresses her goal to, “Obtain a full-time career with benefits.”

  Mary Markos Associate Editor Like most people, Ms. Nixon’s entire life was in her home; her clothes, her bed, her memories, her diary, her dreams. The house was still there, mostly, when we pulled up to her address in Baton Rouge last week, but the home had been destroyed, the life soaked right out Read More