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Letter to the Editor: JCC: Marty Shares the Credit

The article on the front page of the Journal on September 29 regarding the JCCNS turnaround accurately, from my perspective, describes the big picture circumstances surrounding the agency’s significant improvement during the period between the fall of 2012 and the end of 2014. What does get lost and is not covered in full detail (certainly not by design or any fault of the author considering her limitations of space) are the contributions of the very many people before, during, and after the time frame highlighted.

The impact of our various Board and committee members, generous donors, program participants and community members that stuck with and contributed to the JCC’s renaissance cannot be underestimated.

The other group that must be mentioned is the incredible JCCNS staff, past and current – those people that make it happen on a day to day and year to year basis and particularly the ones that remained loyal and fully committed during the most difficult and uncertain times. These dedicated employees magnificently rose to the challenge and have continued to this day ensuring the Center’s long term sustainability.

Despite our well documented success in recent years, no one, let alone me, is prepared to rest on our laurels or in any way become complacent. In fact, we are more energized than ever, lay leaders and professionals, to reach new heights, to serve more people, to expand our community. With that, we are excited about our potential for the future.

Thank you all for helping us reach this stage in the long and storied history of the Jewish Community Center of the North Shore.

Marty Schneer, Executive Director, JCCNS

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