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Molly Hookness Celebrates 100 Years

Molly Hookness, a resident of Cohen Florence Levine Estates in Chelsea, turned 100 on November 9. Born in Beverly, Molly moved to Revere when she was 11 years old. She lived there her entire life until moving to the assisted living in 2015 at age 98.
Remarkably, Molly worked at Graphic Art Finishers in Chelsea for 67 years! She started as a bookkeeper and was promoted to executive secretary. At age 87, Molly decided it was time to retire. Asked if she had any advice for the younger generation who are starting their careers, Molly is quick to reply: “Work as long as you can. The longer you work, the longer you live.”
In terms of family, Molly is very close to her cousins and dotes on her great great nephew, who is seven years old. He helped to coordinate the “Big Buck Bingo” birthday party, which on November 8 at Cohen Florence Levine Estates. Family, friends, residents and staff members gathered to celebrate this very special day in Molly’s life.

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