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Joe Bach Celebrated 108th Birthday

Joe Bach, a Holocaust survivor, has been married for 68 years to Irene, who is 92. They have never been apart until Joe, 108, moved into the LFCL last year. Irene visits every day. As a young man, Joe worked at MGM studios in Europe, then went to medical school to become a doctor and even attended the Sorbonne. During World War II, Joe was captured for 3 years. After the war, Joe was determined to come to the U.S. Joe moved his family here with no money – and ended up going into sales. He also owned his own grocery store for a time, working until he was 80 years of age.
Joe has two daughters, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Joe likes the musical activities the best, “conducting” during performances. He and Irene spend time in the café or just sitting and talking outside.

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