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Shalom from Israel

Special to the Journal

The HaLevi family hiking in the Negev

Shalom to all of my friends, congregants and community. The HaLevi family is doing well, settling into our new home, community and life here in the north of Israel. We live in a beautiful village on a mountaintop in the Galilee called Eshchar (though nowhere near as beautiful as the North Shore, of course!). The kids are adjusted, acculturated and fluent in Hebrew. Ariela has resumed teaching yoga and is spreading her wings with all kinds of new pursuits. And as for me, well, here I am on the radio, back in my community, thanks to Todd Tanger and the amazing Northshore 104.9 radio team.
Every Sunday from 12-12:30 p.m., I’m broadcasting live from my Israel mountaintop studio (literally a bomb shelter), sharing insights about life, spirituality, and experiences from my counseling/coaching practice, what I call “The Soul’s Calling.”

For the past year I have been working by phone/Skype with American clients, guiding them through life’s transitions, struggles, challenges and tragedies. It has truly been a profound and meaningful experience focusing my energy on counseling clients, and it’s so exciting to be able to reflect upon this process and share it with you on the radio.
In addition to my coaching practice and the radio show, I have also spent this the past year and a half engaged in some radically innovative, bold and soon to be effective ways to pursue my other passion – Hasbara (Israel p.r.) and specifically combating the rising tide of anti-Zionism and the BDS campaign. It is shocking to me how quickly anti-Zionism has, and continues to spread throughout the world and especially in the US (even college campuses!), only recently safe havens for Israel and Israeli supporters. It is staggering at how little is being done to combat the lies and the thinly veiled anti-Semitic rhetoric. My mission in life, as many of you know, has always been to speak out on behalf of Israel and simply share the truth about this magnificent country and the modern miracles abounding within the Jewish homeland. That is what I will continue to do – and I hope you do the same in your own way.
So, that’s it. That’s the update. I look forward to checking in with you here in the Jewish Journal and most of all to hearing from you when you call into the radio station this Sunday.
Love to all. Shalom. Rabbi B
Listen to Rabbi HaLevi every Sunday at noon on North Shore 104.9 FM and online at Northshore1049.com and call in at 800-370-1049.

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