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Letter to the Editor: I saw General Flynn

I attended Ahavath Torah to hear General Flynn’s speech on how to win the war against Radical Islam. As it turns out, records show Susie Davidson was not in attendance and gleaned her information from a second-hand CNN report.

She accuses the General of claiming that Florida Democrats voted to impose Sharia law at the State and local level. The truth of the matter is that the Florida Senate did approve an anti-Sharia bill in 2014 called American Laws for American Courts which was passed by the majority Republican legislature. Every Democrat voted no!

Creeping Sharia is an issue, especially in the UK where in many communities people can use Sharia courts instead of civil courts, especially with regards to personal status issues. The anti-Sharia ALAC law was passed most likely as a preventative measure against moves to recognize Sharia, which would be completely contrary to our Constitution.

General Flynn did talk about Radical Islam as a threat and danger to our society, but he did NOT call Islam a cancer inside the body of 1.7 billion people. Ms. Davidson was not there! I was. She talks about the November event relying on rumor and second-hand information and is just spinning what she was told.

Outside there were a handful of protesters organized by CAIR (an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood whose core ideology is the destruction of Israel and the Jews). The synagogue hires security for all events for the protection of congregants and guests. Security personnel are located within the building, as this has been standard operating procedure for the entirety of the past two decades. They were not there in solidarity with the protesters nor was anyone offering up hugs.

General Flynn is not an anti-Semite as Ms. Davidson asserts. How does she know how attendees to the Hausman Speaker Series view General Flynn? She makes assertions with nothing to back them up. Her vilification of Rabbi Hausman and his speakers is unjust and inaccurate.

Having attended many of the Hausman Speaker Series, I can honestly state that they are informative, educational and insightful. I would recommend that in the future, Ms. Davidson get her facts first-hand instead of making claims based on what she hears second-hand!

Carol Denbo, Swampscott

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  • Shecky March 13, 2017, 12:03 pm

    Flynn might not be an anti-Semite (although I tend to disagree with Carol on that), but he IS a liar. I wouldn’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. I imagine he’ll have more time on the lecture circuit now that he had to resign in disgrace.

    • Susie Davidson March 13, 2017, 10:46 pm

      Thank you, Shecky.
      I am not sure how many people actually read or see these online comments at this point in time, so perhaps you should send your thoughts as a letter?
      Thank you again.

  • Susie Davidson March 13, 2017, 12:44 pm

    Ms. Denbo’s letter was brought to my attention. Obviously, she did not read my column, where I say that I watched the video. That is about as first-hand as one can get without actually being there.

    In the video, I saw and heard the repeated, raucous applause for Flynn, as I mentioned, I heard the attendee ask him if President Obama is a Muslim, and I saw his evasive response, prior to his criticizing his former Commander-in-Chief. I watched how affectionately the rabbi greeted him and saw him embrace him on the stage, and continue to embrace him following the talk. To me, that’s support.

    Ms. Denbo is a habitual letter writer whose letters are often groaned about by my friends, who talk about how she incessantly promotes her heartless viewpoints. One friend mentionef her constant slamming of the Palestinians, when while we all want a safe and secure Israel, he would like to know how she could imagine living the way that they do instead of in her safe enclave in Swampscott.

    It’s easy to write letters. What’s not easy is envisioning how others less privileged live. Ms. Denbo, there were other people in Israel for many decades before 1948, including Jews.

    As for the facts that I stated in my article, I am a professional journalist who relies exclusively on official and reliable sources. I am quite offended at her denouncement of my research. For my column, I read (and conversed about) many official accounts from people who were there, and who saw the rally outside. I also thoroughly researched the ruling in Florida, and it is not as she claims. Democratic legislators correctly saw the so-called imposition of Sharia law charge as singling out the Muslim community for criticism, given that foreign law is routinely applied without incident in court cases for all other races. (An example was given in my research showing that, i.e., Argentinian divorce law was applied in a Florida Argentinian case.)

    However, Denbo sees the word Muslim and thinks Jihad. That is her problem, but not that of the rest of us who are rational, thoughtful and compassionate people who objectively consider all sides of an issue instead of simply reacting, especially because most of us are here because our ancestors were also refugees.

    As for contesting my point that Flynn shared an anti-Semitic tweet, that is much-published and recorded fact. Moreover, I did not call him an anti-Semite, as she claims. Again, that is not what a journalist does. I simply stated the much-published and verified facts about his online activity that belied what he said at the talk.

    And since my Journal column, further information has come out about his association with avowed pedophile Milo Yiannopoulos, and his lying, once again, about his unlawful payments from Turkey.

    May I remind Ms. Denbo that Flynn lied to the vice president of the United States.

    I suggest that Denbo actually read the articles that she vilifies in her reactions, which are roundly viewed by many as knee-jerk, paranoid, and shockingly cold-hearted.

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