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Letter to the Editor: In J Street’s pocket?

Picture blood everywhere. Babies and children and pregnant women shot, stabbed, throats cut. Men ripped apart, their killers showing with glee their blood-soaked hands to a shouting crowd.

1943 in Nazi-invaded Poland? No, Israel, in just in the last few years.

Picture next a press room in Washington, lots of cameras, at the microphone a few men in expensive suits, some even with yarmulkes, saying basically: well, it was the “settlers’” fault, They stole the land. They were invaders, occupiers, colonialists. They had what was coming to them.

Ugly fantasy? No, that was J Street and sundry reform and reconstructionist “rabbis” giving their take on Israel and the territories of Judea and Samaria. And they have the gall to claim they are pro-Israel, are Zionists, and represent the majority of American Jews!

So enter David Friedman who, along with many, many other Jews, has called them liars and “worse than kapos.” Oy vey, that stung. But it’s true, and the bitter truth always hurts.

J Street and its many leftwing allies are currently testifying in Washington, with the intent to smear Friedman as a wild-eyed extremist and block his appointment as ambassador to Israel.

Where will the Anglo-Jewish press, and the Jewish Journal, be on this issue?

And where will Massachusetts reps and particularly Senators Markey and Warren be?

I predict that both will be in J Street’s pocket, with all the other Dems who pander to the haters of President Trump.

I also predict, given that the rest of America is both smarter and more pro-Zionist than the “deplorable” Massachusetts Democratic delegation, that Friedman’s nomination will be confirmed!

Pinchas Baram, Brookline

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