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Letter to the Editor: Muslims fighting anti-Semitism

To counter the rampaging anti-Semitic ghouls who strive to terrorize Jewish communities around the USA with bomb threats and the desecration of our cemeteries, Celebrate Mercy (CM), an Islamic organization, has taken the initiative and raised (online) more than $150,000 to help restore the Chesed Shel Emeh Cemetery in University City, Missouri and another in Colorado (the original goal stated on the launchgood.com website had been $20,000). CM founder Terek El-Messidi and his associate Linda Sarsour report that two-thirds of the donations have come from Muslims, the other third mostly from Jewish contributors.

As I write this letter during the evening of February 26, I am saddened to learn the news that another Jewish cemetery has been severely vandalized in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That CM is based in Philadelphia makes this pathetic hate crime particularly ironic. Respect and kindness must prevail.

To learn more about the “Righteous Gentiles” of CM, visit www.launchgood.com/project/muslims_unite_to_repair_jewish_cemetery#/.

Dick Freeman, Chestnut Hill

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  • Susan Davidson March 24, 2017, 7:52 pm

    Well as it turns out, it was a Jew who terrorized JCC’s. Before blasphemizing others, it is always wise to wait until the facts are revealed.

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