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Letter to the Editor: Why no arrests?

Why are there no arrests, or even news of progress, or lack thereof, concerning any investigation of the recent anti-Semitic attacks by vandals at the gravesites in Missouri and Pennsylvania, along with near to a hundred bomb threats called into Jewish Community Centers all around our country? These attacks pose a great threat not only to Jewish people but all good Americans who value our Constitution and the rights granted to all our citizens of religious freedom.

I have seen in the Greater Boston area over the years that local and State police have been proactive in regards to these occurrences and have brought the perpetrators to justice in virtually every instance, with amazing speed and alacrity. There has always been timely news coverage updating progress in these investigations, and when perpetrators have been apprehended, the news has been spread, thus alleviating further undue concern that the proper protections may not be in place.

It has been some weeks now, and although the problem still receives media coverage, at the national level there is nothing but a roaring silence in regards to any investigation. I have read that the FBI and other federal agencies are investigating along with local and state police agencies. Nonetheless, I hear no report of anything beyond that. It would be a disgrace, and I would find it troubling, if at a national level, acts of this nature were allowed to happen, become widely reported in the media, and then just forgotten, left to fade into obscurity, with no further news of resolution or closure put before the public. I hope I am wrong to even think for a moment that this could be so, but time seems to be slipping by here.

Precedents set in this very commonwealth clearly tell that most often these criminals, gravesite vandals, in particular, are relatively quickly apprehended, and the local news and media outlets have stayed doggedly on the story until such is the case. Perhaps the nation needs to call over to law enforcement here in Massachusetts for guidance?

Steve Bell, Revere

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