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Journal contributor releases her latest novel

Journal Publisher/Editor

Local author and freelance writer Lina Rehal has released her newest book, “Loving Daniel.” While the contemporary romance is her first novel and book one of her Tucker’s Landing series about the people in a small coastal town in Massachusetts and their friends in southern Maine, it is her third book.

In 2011, Rehal self-published “Carousel Kisses,” a collection of personal essays and nostalgic pieces about growing up in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

Two years ago, Rehal retired from the nine-to-five life and started doing what she always wanted to do. Through an online course taught by author James Patterson, she learned a lot about plot development and creating characters. By combining her passion for fiction and love of storytelling, she has found a new voice in writing romance.

“I love writing fiction, especially romance. It’s fun finding out what my characters are going to do. They often surprise me.”

In early 2016, she published her first novella, “October In New York.” “Just under 18,000 words. It was the longest story I’d ever written.”

It took her a year to write “Loving Daniel.” “Coming up with 60,000 words was a challenge. Toward the end of the story, I was so wrapped up in my characters, I decided to make it a series.”

Rehal is an active member of The Red Rock Rewriters, a weekly writing group that meets at the Swampscott Library, Romance Writers of America, the Independent Author Network and Maine Romance Writers. She is currently working on her next book, “Worth Waiting For.”

“Loving Daniel” is available at Wicked Good Books in Salem and online at Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle formats.

For information about other books by this author, visit www.thefuzzypinkmuse.com or contact Lina Rehal at lrehal@me.com.

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