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Letter to the Editor: An image that blends the past with the future

I was struck by the symbolism of Devra Sari Zabot’s photo of master woodworker Sam Katz’s ark at the bimah – portrayed with the first Orthodox woman rabbi, Lila Kagedan – for Shelley A. Sackett’s article on the Walnut Street Shul. (“Chelsea’s historic Walnut Street Shul preserves a future,” June 15).

In my imagination, through the years, I have occasionally visualized Expressionist-like interpretations similar to the Ashkenazic synagogue imagery painted by Hyman Bloom in the early 1940s and again during the 1990s. Had Hyman, who spent most of his life in Greater Boston, had the opportunity to paint a portrait of Rabbi Kadegan embracing the Torah, I am sure he would have fully enjoyed the honor.

I am pleased to learn that the shul is thriving within ever diversifying Chelsea, where my grandfather, Philip Falk, grew up. Were my grandfather alive in 2017, he would have been very proud that a shul in Chelsea had appointed the first woman to serve an Orthodox congregation. Grandpa Phil would already be incorporating this event into his treasury of memorable Chelsea tales.

Richard Freeman, Chestnut Hill

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