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Letter to the Editor: Chabon and Waldman’s open letter

Congratulations to Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman on their heartfelt and articulate letter calling on Jews to speak up against President Trump’s bigotry (“An Open Letter to Our Fellow Jews,” Jewish Journal, August 24). But I hope they wrote a similar letter during the eight years of Trump’s predecessor.

One waited those long years for politically liberal Jews to denounce Democrat President Obama’s anti-Semitism, evidenced by his countenance of Rev. Wright’s anti-Semitic speeches, which he never fully explained. Obama never overruled his Secretary of State’s implicit stance against Jews in parts of Israel having babies (Remember, “not natural growth!” was Hillary Clinton’s position, but emphasis was from the original video clip]). These went far beyond mere criticism or disagreement with Israeli policies.

Thank God Jews in America have the right to denounce bigotry of whatever form. But also from whatever source if we are to be credible.

David A. Sherman, Needham

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