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Letter to the Editor: Chabon, Waldman, have imbibed the ‘leftist narrative’

We hear from Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman when some neo-Nazi thugs show up. That’s good. But where is their outrage when Jews are being besieged, assaulted and killed by the REAL Nazis of our time – the Islamo-fascists of Europe? Jews are now deciding on when to leave the Continent because of Jew-hating Muslim radicals who are harassing, humiliating (and even in some places) killing them in France, UK, the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Jewish students on US campuses are under ideological assault as well as physical assault, not by Nazis, but by an unholy alliance of radical leftists and radical Muslims. The Antifa crowd has announced they will join the BDS movement. Will Michael Chabon go on campus to defend Jews against the left? One even wonders on whose side of the campus wars Chabon and Waldman might be.

I say this because people like Chabon and Waldman may have imbibed the leftist narrative which exhibits outrage exclusively at threats coming from the right and prohibits criticism of non-Western cultures. So Israel is always wrong, even when the Arab/Muslim world teaches Jew-hatred to its children from dawn to dusk and cheers the slaughter of Jews. It is easy to be against despicable Nazis but it would take courage for a lefty to acknowledge these ugly truths about non-Western cultures.

In reality, the Chabon/Waldman letter is all about Trump hate, not about real danger to Jews. It would be nice to see Chabon and Waldman writing open letters on campus defending our Jewish students against the anti-Semitic tactics of the BDSers.

Carol Denbo
, Swampscott

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