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Standwithus Interns and Emerson Fellows set to educate about Israel at MA schools

Jacob Foster, Gann Academy, left, and Korey Cohan, Marblehead High School, show their love for Jerusalem at the StandWithUs High School Internship August conference. Photo courtesy of StandWithUs

SEPTEMBER 7, 2017 – StandWithUs 2017-18 High School Interns and campus Emerson Fellows completed their August conferences and are excited to begin educating about Israel in their schools and to combat anti-Israel rhetoric.

Korey Cohan, Marblehead HS: “As a proud Jew, I believe it is my responsibility to defend and promote Israel to my greatest ability. I learned how to engage in respectful dialogue and articulate educated responses to untruthful accusations. I will start an Israel club and include students who are seeking an outlet to express their passion for Israel.”

Jacob Foster, (Newton) Gann Academy: “I lived in Israel during its 2012 war against Hamas in Gaza and realized how differently my American friends or news sources understood the conflict compared to what I was seeing. I will educate about lesser-known aspects, such as Israel’s early history and the humanitarian aid Israel provides to its neighbors who are at war with it.”

Stephanie Margolis, (Acton) U Mass Amherst: “I learned how to appropriately bring Israel to and engage students in an apathetic campus. I will create events to raise awareness including tabling expos, movie screenings and speakers.

Lindsay Brown, (Stoughton) Northeastern University: “After experiencing Israel, I want to educate on what it truly is, and not what is on the news. At the conference I learned what Israel has endured to get to where we are today. I plan to host events that share Israeli culture that will promote peaceful dialogue.”

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