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Letter to the Editor: UU Church screening of film misguided

The Universalist Unitarian Church of Marblehead has “generously” invited Jews to come and defend ourselves after they host a factually distorted anti-Israel film to a congregation who has been conducting unbalanced study groups on the topic (study guide online). The film doesn’t address the dysfunction within Palestinian society, prompted by the ideology that is the reason that the land surrounding Israel for thousands of miles is no longer habitable for Jews, scarcely habitable for Christians and even barely habitable for Muslims.

The UUCM targets the only country in the region where its citizens – men and women of all religions and ethnicities – get equal rights. Israelis can only respond to the hate and determination to destroy them, like we can only respond to the determination to smear us. It is frightening that the sweet seaside village has drafted soldiers against the Jews, found material that supports that hate and calls it critical thinking.

I encourage them to ask, will Palestinians be better off with no Israel? They can find the answer by looking at how they are treated in Arab lands, including under their own regimes. I urge members of the UUCM or anyone else aiming to suffocate Israel to conduct independent investigations before continuing to damage a terrific and imperfect country. Look at writings by Arab Israeli journalist Khaled abu Toameh and his colleagues who actually seek and report truth. His well-being depends on it.

Faith Quintero, Marblehead

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