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Jewish War Veterans in Peabody

From left, Jerry Rosenberg, Dan Leavitt, Barry Lischinsky, ”The Singing Trooper” Dan Clark, Lillian Aronson, George Heller, Jerry Silver, Moe Sack, Mark Tolpin and Stan King.

NOVEMBER 16, 2017 – On Sunday, Oct. 29, the Members of Congregation Sons of Israel in Peabody presented the Jewish War Veterans North Shore Post 220 with an early Veterans Day tribute.

“The Singing Trooper” Dan Clark, left, and Lillian Aronson, a 100-year-old veteran.

As part of the highlight of events was a spectacular performance by Dan Clark, “The Singing Trooper.” Dan sang a medley of patriotic songs, our National Anthem, as well as the National Anthem of Israel (Hatikvah). At the conclusion of the event the audience gave “The Singing Trooper” a standing ovation while repeatedly chanting for an encore. Dan Clark concluded the tribute with the famous Lee Greenwood rendition of “G-d Bless the USA.”

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