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Letter to the Editor: Israeli Arab Zionist speaks up for his country

As Yahya Mahamid received a standing ovation at Temple Sinai on Nov. 19, I hoped he felt the camaraderie from his fellow Zionists in the sanctuary full of ideologically like-minded Christians and Jews. He mentioned that he isn’t welcome in mosques to practice his own religion, because of the hostility aimed at him for speaking truthfully and positively about his country, Israel.

He told the teens in the room how relieved he is each time he leaves a university campus after just three hours of combating the lies of SJP (word search “Hamas on Campus”). He empathized with Jewish students, saying how difficult it must be for them, or any Zionists, to live in that environment for four years.

He didn’t reference the nefarious campaign against his country from church members in our Marblehead community nor how it wounded us. Would it have mattered? Yahya doesn’t go around the world speaking for our benefit. He speaks for his own benefit, knowing that under-informed, aggressive people – like too many on college campuses, churches, mosques and even his Arab majority city in Israel, aim to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East; he needs to counter those attacks with facts otherwise it is his country that suffers.

Thank you, Yahya. As you soldier on, we must too. Together we can counter the hate, distortion and ignorance designed to weaken your country and the one so many of us love.

Faith Quintero, Marblehead

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