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Block returns to help family … and stays to help community

Career coach and author Jay Block

JANUARY 11, 2018 – Jay Block, a pioneer in the career and employment industry since 1992, and best-selling author of 12 McGraw-Hill titles, comes from a family that has always supported the Jewish community. Recently, Jay returned to the North Shore after 31 years of living in Florida to help care for his father, Irving, who was diagnosed with advanced dementia.

“My plan was to go to Florida (in 1986) to play ‘Miami Vice’ for three years,” Jay said. “You know, white suits and t-shirts, fast boats and faster cars. It was a three-year plan that turned into three decades. The irony of my father’s illness is that he gave me a special gift when his health failed him. That gift was bringing me home.”

Jay’s mother, Ursula Block, founded the Jewish Community Center’s (JCCNS) Infant/Toddler Day Care Program 26 years ago. The program allowed Jewish parents to go to work feeling comfortable that their newborn infants were in a safe and nurturing environment. Jay’s father, Irving, was a Life Board Member of the JCCNS and Jay’s brother and sister-in-law, Larry and Ina-Lee, are active at Temple Emanu-El and the JCCNS.

One of 12 career advice titles by Jay Block

“I returned to the North Shore to help my Dad, but decided to stay to help people in our community land the jobs they want at the pay they deserve,” Jay said. “When you’re under-employed, unhappily employed, or unemployed, it’s hard to live a rich and rewarding life. I want to continue our family’s legacy of contributing to the well-being and growth of the Jewish community.”

Jay, a Marblehead High School Class of 1971 graduate, has coached thousands of job seekers to land great jobs. He claims that most people haven’t a clue how to conduct a highly motivated, confident, and strategic job campaign. What makes Jay’s approach different and extraordinarily successful is that he empowers job seekers to take control of their future and conduct proactive, strategic job campaigns, not job hunts or searches. His latest book is “5 Steps to Rapid Employment.”  In it, he teaches job seekers how to identify the right job, how to create exciting and self-promotional résumés and online profiles, how to develop and execute a strategic campaign plan, and how to secure interviews and to win great job offers. Most importantly, Jay teaches job seekers how to manage adversity, fear, and setbacks and enjoy the process of achieving meaningful employment.

“They don’t teach this stuff in college,” Jay said. “And given today’s no-jobs-for-life job market, mastering the 5 steps to rapid employment is a life skill that is critical to live a satisfied life and enjoy a fulfilling career.”

For information contact Jay Block at 561-309-2468 or visit his website at jayblock.com.

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