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Letter to the Editor: A little sand for him …

Many feel that the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanc­tions) strategy is a proper method to pressure Israel to compromise, negotiate, and support an improved and equal life for the Palestinians.

Although this feeling would seem reasonable, if one follows carefully the written narrative and speeches of the international founders and leaders of the BDS strategy, a very different goal is strongly asserted by them. Regarding Israel, these founders are against a two-state solution and support only “one land for one people.” Negotiating is not useful. Meeting or debating those with opposing views by these same leaders is rarely allowed although their activist members are quite well versed in disrupting, harassing, and intimidating pro-Israel student and community groups wherever possible.

Why does this movement only direct its activity and energy against Israel; why is it blind to the actions of other governments who preside over peoples and land by force such as Russia, Turkey, Armenia, China, and Indonesia. Should the governments of Saudi Arabia, Burma, or Iran be considered worthy of BDS movement attention based on their treatment of citizens?

The current clever strategy and longer term goal of world BDS leadership is much more complex, covert and sinister.

I am reminded of the words of Golda Meir in the late 1960’s which I paraphrase: “a little sand for him … a little sand for us … and it will work for both.”

The BDS movement’s goal is NOT and NEVER will push for a solution that will allow the Israelis and Palestinians to live peacefully and contiguously. Only One.

Joseph Sontz, Delray Beach, FL

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