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Letter to the Editor: Include facts in letters, not fiction

I was mortified to read letters to the editor in the Dec. 14 issue. One of the letter writers remarks that now she understands Robert Lappin’s previous actions. Bob can defend himself, but this is a man who has spent millions of his own dollars to send high school students to Israel on a FREE trip. Are those the actions she is specifically “concerned” about?

The writer defended the reverend, who showed a film highlighting Roger Waters’ claim that Israel is worse than the Nazis and is an apartheid state. If that alone isn’t concerning enough, the reverend, who claims to be interested in exploring different points of view, refuses to accept or even respond to an offer to show another film that would express another point of view.

Another letter writer says Israel is neither humane nor democratic. Really? How else would you categorize a country into which Muslim children are fleeing, over the border from the killing fields of Syria, in search of medical help? Israeli medical teams have been sent, often the first on the scene, to help deal with natural disasters around the world.

Not democratic? There are 11 parties represented in Israel’s Knesset, 17 Arab MK’s, and an Arab judge currently sits on Israel’s Supreme Court.

How many generous offers of statehood have the Palestinians turned down? Three in the last 20 years, alone. Gaza, the “open air prison” mentioned by a second letter writer, has been self-ruled since 2005. As soon as Israeli troops pulled out, Gaza’s rulers launched bombs aimed at innocent civilians and called for the genocide of all Jews in Israel. Are these irrelevant facts to the letter writers?

Perhaps I should thank the Jewish Journal for exposing what pro-Israel Jews and non-Jews are up against.

Marty Schneer, Salem

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