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Letter to the Editor: Memo to leaders: respect voices ‘on the margin’

I would like to support Dr. Pinchas Baram’s letter. Yes, Barry Shrage has done a magnificent job these past 30 years but there are, as Pinchas notes, major problems – the plight of our shuls, intermarriage, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. We need sophisticated theories and theologies to deal with these complex and intractable problems.

The problem is hubris that leads to denial that leads to a surprise tsunami. Let’s go back to 1973 when the Labor Party of Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, et al  got a little bit self-satisfied and were completely overwhelmed on Yom Kippur leading to the loss of 2,500  precious soldiers.

Fast forward 44 years to 2017. Again the liberals under Hillary didn’t listen to people like me who said we need to go to Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and reach out to the working people and white middle class out there. The Democrats were filled with hubris and they awoke on Nov. 7th with another surprise tsunami – Donald Trump.

Again, history will repeat itself as it did in 1973 and 2017. People in positions of power must listen and respect the voices “on the margin.” They don’t have to agree with them but they must respect them.

Rabbi Jack Nusan Porter, Newtonville

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