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Letter to the Editor: I expect better from Israel

I was saddened and disturbed to read how Mr. Rifkin called the refugees from Africa “illegals.” They’re not illegals. They’re human beings in fear for their lives, without papers. Like you and me, and like Jews, they’re made in the image of God. The language we use matters.

The very same issue noted that only The Dominican Republic made a commitment to take in Jews during WW II.

It’s heartbreaking that the government of Israel, founded as a Jewish safe haven, displays such callous disregard for people facing similar situations as Jews faced during the war.The US is certainly no better regarding immigration, and we must equally raise our voices about our own inhumane policies.

I expect better from Israel. We American Jews must make our support conditional on Israel respecting the rights of all people there. I lived in Israel long ago, and love the country, and it matters deeply what kind of country it is. Let Israel become heroic and save the lives of Africans seeking asylum and respect the human rights of all its people.Then we can support Israel. Until then, let’s cry out and act until justice rolls like a mighty stream for all.

Shifra Freewoman, Brookline

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