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Up close with owls at Epstein Hillel School

Marcia Wilson from Eyes on Owls Live Owl Show.

MARCH 8, 2018 – Who can say they have met not one, but several owls? The students at Epstein Hillel School can.

It was a fun, unique, educational morning that highlights the EHS difference. Regularly at the school, students participate in hands-on learning that takes them away from their desks for authentic experiences that engages their natural curiosity and appreciation for the world around them.

It was not long after Marcia and Mark Wilson from “Eyes on Owls” arrived that the kids noticed the wooden boxes lining the stage. When the room filled with the distinct sound of hooting, the kids gazed around looking for an owl. They soon discovered that it was one of the presenters doing the hooting.

The kids learned there are 19 different kinds of owls. They learned how owls eat, sleep, see and hear. No owl lesson would be complete without talk of “whitewash,” otherwise known as poop. “Pellets,” the regurgitated remains of the owl’s meal, also play a significant role in the life of these birds.

Did you know that the gender of most species of owls can only be determined by a blood test? The EHS kids do. They can also explain why owls can turn their head twice as far as humans: they have twice as many bones in their necks.

As each bird came out of its box, a few lucky students went on stage to be among them. They tried, with varying success, to replicate the hoots. And, to the great amusement of all, a few of the owls expelled pellets; the students dissected them later in the day.

By the end, students were not only able to distinguish one owl from another, but to differentiate their hoots, too.

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