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In Revere, a crash course in Judaism

Learn about Judaism at Temple B’Nai Israel, Revere.

MARCH 22, 2018 – For 10 weeks – one class per week for a duration of two hours – Temple B’Nai Israel will hold a “Crash Course: Judaism” adult education program. As an introduction, or, for some, as a reintroduction, to Judaism, we will explore the accessible and thought-provoking questions of a 3,000-year-old tradition. For those unsure about a return to the basics, do not fret as we will delve deep beneath the surface.

We welcome non-Jews and Jews alike. For those who are not yet Jewish and have always been a little bit curious, we hope to see you around the table. For those sharing their lives with Jews and wanting to learn more about their culture, we want to hear from you. Whether you were born Jewish but never quite learned what it was about, or you’re back after a long hiatus, or you’re just looking for a deeper understanding of your heritage, we could all use a bit of a refresher.

Classes cover Judaism’s biggest and most inspiring ideas as well as the nuts and bolts of daily Jewish living. We will cover history, holidays, practices, text and values. In addition, we’ll dedicate time in each class to the Aleph-Bet (Hebrew alphabet) and, depending on your background, either teach you to read Hebrew or help you brush up on your Hebrew skills.

The course runs Tuesday nights from March 6 to May 15 (no class on March 27). It will be held at Temple B’Nai Israel, 1 Wave Ave., Revere. For more information visit www.tbirevere.org/education.

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