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Letter to the Editor: On Passover, a friend, indeed

When the nation and indeed the world seems darkest especially for the Jew; when the lessons of Nazi Germany seem to recede into lost memory, I received an email from my Christian friend that restores my hope. The email moved me to tears and I am thankful she gave me permission to send it and, if you choose, to print it. It read as follows:

“My longtime friend Bryna is Jewish. She learned in December that she has incurable bone cancer. She is undergoing chemo now. She usually celebrates Passover in Springfield, but can’t make that trip this year. So I am making her Passover dinner even though I am Christian. Bryna has always said to me that Jesus was a Jew so we aren’t that different in our beliefs! I am making potato pancakes (from Trader Joe’s), my daughter is making a kugel (first time ever making one!), beef brisket, sweet potato tzimmes, and mashed potatoes. We are having flourless chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberries for dessert. How does that sound for a Passover dinner?”

Natalie Rosen

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