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Letter to the Editor: To the students at Harvard Hillel

To the students at Harvard Hillel:

Shame on you! Shame on Hillel! Shame on Harvard! Your “Liberation Seder” is really about hate … for Israel.

Those in an educational institution should most certainly do their homework before espousing “causes” that are misnomers and have nothing to do with reality.

There is NO occupation of the so-called “Palestinian Arabs.” The disputed territories of Judea and Samaria were won by Israel from Jordan in the war of 1967. Ninety percent of the Arabs living there are governed by the Palestinian Authority. Gaza was emptied of all Jews in 2005 and is completely administered by the terrorist organization, Hamas.

The so-called “Palestinian Arabs” who didn’t call themselves so until after 1967, do not want a state of their own. If they did, their leaders would not have refused all offers made to them by numerous Israeli administrations. What they want is to continue to be the only “refugees” in the world who are allowed to pass down that designation for five generations so that people who have never set foot in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv or Haifa, or my city of Netanya, can believe that they are entitled to own those places. Their children are taught from birth and through school textbooks and madrassas and camps and mosques to hate Jews and to try to kill them when they can.

The so-called “Palestinian Arabs” are kept in refugee camps and not permitted to move on with their lives because their own leaders want that to be so. This has enabled them to collect billions of dollars over the last 70 years from around the world rather than to build a state of their own and live in peace with their neighbors.

Please accept the offer of a Birthright Israel free 10-day trip and come see for yourself what freedom looks like.

Marsha Stein
Netanya, Israel

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