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Editorial: Child abuse in Gaza

Many children in Gaza are living in impoverished circumstances, causing problems for public health and education.

MAY 24, 2018 – As social activists throughout the world take aim at Israel, labeling the 60 who died when they tried to storm the Israeli border as victims of a massacre, there are many reasons to mourn the dead in Gaza.

It was a massacre, but the blame must be assigned to Hamas and other Palestinian terror organizations and clerics. The media was quick to draw an analogy between the organized Gaza riot and the US Embassy move to Jerusalem, which occurred the same day. But the 60 who died were victims of a nationalist narrative based largely on a farrago of fiction, child abuse and brainwashing.

The riot had nothing to do with the US Embassy move. Rather, it was a reaffirmation of official Palestinian policy – known as the Right of Return – that calls for all Palestinians to return to live in present-day Israel. The event, known as the Great Return March, was the culmination of weeks of protests by Gazans at the border. The protesters were armed with guns and knives. They attached Molotov-cocktails to kites and flew them into Israel, burning dozens of acres of Israeli fields. In the earlier protests, they repeatedly set their own gas lines on fire causing over $10 million in damages.

The protesters were victims of an ideology they have been raised to accept since birth – a toxic hateful blend of Islamic fundamentalism, Palestinian nationalism and anti-Semitism. Children are taught in US-subsidized United Nations schools that the Right of Return must be implemented; that all of Israel is Islamic land, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea; that Jews are sons of pigs and apes; that Jews have no historical association to Jerusalem, or Israel; that jihad, or holy war, is a noble cause that every Palestinian must fulfill.

Every summer, Hamas recruits 15,000 students from these UN schools and enrolls them in military training camps where they are trained to shoot guns, to stab, to crawl through tunnels and kidnap Israelis.

Astonishingly – some 25 years after the Oslo Accord – the Palestinians do not have an agenda for peace that involves the existence of Israel, or Jews. For decades, they have sacrificed their children in order to prop up this ideology. While the ideology continues, innocent Palestinian children lay buried beneath the ground. All for the sake of a belief system that is based on fantasy.

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