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Letter to the editor: ‘It’s never too late’

JUNE 7, 2018 – The article in the recent issue of the Jewish Journal titled “It’s never too late to become a bar or bat mitzvah” was particularly true in my case.

I was 94 years of age when a new rabbi assigned to my senior housing facility offered to prepare those interested in becoming bat mitzvah. Five of us were. One had lived in Israel, and another had previously studied towards that goal.

I had learned Hebrew with a military chaplain while stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, and was glad to have the opportunity to become a bat mitzvah. I was a resident in Salem until I entered the military.

I miss being able to attend Shabbat services in a local synagogue or temple, but I’m grateful for the privilege I had to become a bat mitzvah. Incidentally, I am 100 years of age, and almost 101.

Lillian Aronson

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