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Epstein Hillel fetes Farber, Haskin, and alumni

Incoming Board President Mark Farber with Arthur J. Epstein. Photo by Stuart Garfield

JUNE 21, 2018, MARBLEHEAD – Last week, more than 100 people attended the Epstein Hillel School Annual Meeting. The meeting, dubbed “If The Shoe Fits” – Im HaNa’al Matimah – was named as a tribute to incoming board president, Mark Farber, in recognition of his 50 years in the retail shoe industry. In the audience, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni and members of the North Shore Jewish community, enjoyed an evening of reflection and recognition.

Outgoing President Ariel Berger and Head of School Amy Gold each shared how far EHS has come in the past three years. Thoughtful enhancements to the physical space along with implementation of several programs and initiatives have been instrumental in establishing EHS as a premier Jewish independent school in Massachusetts. Said Gold, “We are making a difference in the next generation of Jewish children.”

In addition, two annual awards were granted. The Ernie Haas Presidential Award was given to longtime EHS supporter Bruce Haskin while The Adam Madorsky Social Justice Award was presented to alumni Ashley Orenberg Waterberg, ’98, and Jacob Abbisso, ’14.

After the ceremonial passing of the gavel by 10 past EHS Presidents, perhaps the most poignant part of the program followed when Farber shared a moving video of 12,000 Israelis who came together to sing “Al Kol Eleh.” He quoted Theodor Herzl – “If you will it, it is no dream” – and likened Israel’s growth and achievement to the same spirit and determination at EHS, a sentiment shared by all those in attendance.

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