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B’not mitzvah at Congregation Sons of Israel

Barbara Sigel, Mara Cohen, Rosalyn Abrams, Seth Landau, spiritual leader, Freda Kravetz, Paula Cohen participated in the b’not mitzvah.

JULY 5, 2018 – Last Saturday, five women, ranging in age from 52 to 89, became b’not mitzvah. The journey began about a year ago when the idea of an adult b’not mitzvah class was discussed. The women asked themselves if this was something that they could do. How involved would it be? Could they actually commit to a year’s worth of studying? The answer was a unanimous yes.

With the help and support from their spiritual leader, Seth Landau, along with the help and support from their families, they were on their way to becoming b’not mitzvah at Congregation Sons of Israel in Peabody.

Throughout this entire journey, they promised themselves and each other that they would follow through and always have each other’s backs and on Saturday, June 30, that promise was fulfilled.

All five b’not mitzvah sisters are in agreement that this entire experience had much more meaning for them now as mature adults than it would have had at the age of 13. The group includes Barbara Sigel, Mara Cohen, Rosalyn Abrams, Freda Kravetz and Paula Cohen.

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