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Su.Chang’s celebrates 25 years

NOVEMBER 1, 2018 – Su.Chang’s opened its doors on November 5, 1993. It was the first Cantonese style restaurant to open in the North Shore area. Partners Suzanne Waite and Otto Chang decided to combine their names to call the newly constructed restaurant on the corner of Prospect and Lowell Streets, SU – from Suzanne and Chang from Otto’s last name – hence, Su.Chang’s.

Su.Chang’s has been a true success over the last 25 years. But what has made Su.Chang’s such a popular Chinese restaurant that draws people from all over the North Shore, South Shore and the Boston area? Without question, the food is always fresh and delicious – always cooked to order – a true scratch kitchen. The staff is welcoming and friendly. The chefs are responsible for the delicious and authentic food served piping hot to satisfy the guests’ most discerning palettes. But, above all, the restaurant credits its customers for its success. Otto Chang compares the restaurant to a symphony – each person has to do their job for the meal to be delicious.

Su.Chang’s has a full liquor license and an extensive wine list. For the past 25 years, themed wine dinners and several Scotch dinners with authentic bagpipers have delighted customers.

Striving to be a part of the community, Su.Chang’s has offered cultural programs to the fifth graders of the Center School in Peabody. They were informative and thoroughly enjoyed by the teachers and students as well as the parents that offered their time to drive the children to the restaurant.

Su.Chang’s would not be where it is today without our hard working and dedicated employees and loyal patrons. They have enjoyed serving their customers and sharing parts of Chinese culture. Su.Chang’s ownership and staff are grateful to the North Shore community.

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