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Generations Day at Rashi School

Stephen and Roberta Weiner of Boston with their granddaughter, 1st grader Sarah Weiner.

NOVEMBER 22, 2018 – Over 300 grandparents and special friends shared Generations Day with students and family members at The Rashi School.

The day was highlighted by a luncheon and classroom visits. An annual Rashi School tradition, the K-8 school celebrates the powerful bond between the different generations. The kids were proud to have their families with them at school – and the grandparents, aunts and uncles were thrilled to be there.

During the luncheon, co-chairs Rosa Kramer Franck and Abby Kramer Mayou, spoke about the impact of an older generation on a younger one. Abby Mayou remembered her own grandparents’ immigration from Russia to the United States. Rosa Franck reflected on the reason why she knew Rashi was the right community for her children. “To me,” Rosa said, “[sending my kids to Rashi] was about the future of the Jewish people. I wanted my children to have a fluency in Judaism that I felt I never had.”

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