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Jewish war vets honored on Veterans Day in Peabody

Lillian Aronson

NOVEMBER 22, 2018 – On Sunday, Nov. 11, Jewish War Veterans (JWV) Massa­chusetts North Shore Post 220 Members participated in Peabody‘s Veterans Day event.

This year’s event was dedicated to the service of Women in the Military. The keynote speaker of the event was Lillian Aronson of JWV MA Post 220. Lillian was born on July 1, 1917 in Salem. At the age of 26, she volunteered and joined the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, later known as the Women’s Army Corps. Lillian’s military service spanned over 20 years, paving the way for women in the military today.

Also, JWV MA Post 220 Lieutenant Colonel Donna Lehman, who served during the First Gulf War, was honored at the event.

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