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Letter to the Editor: Reader ‘turned off’ by Pittsburgh, Israel opeds

NOVEMBER 29, 2018 – The two features on page 7 of your Nov. 15 issue turned me off.

Ari Mahler’s “I am the Jewish Nurse” is moving and touching in a way, but also absurd. He doesn’t have the guts to tell Robert Bowers, the assassin of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh whom he treated in the hospital, that he, Mahler, is a Jew. And then he concludes that the only way to face evil is to offer “love,” and he says it repeatedly. Again, a mushy, gutless – and unJewish! – response in the face of real evil. Unless you totally castrate Torah. Even Jesus, who supposedly said turn the other cheek, wouldn’t go that far.

Your bureau chief in Israel Lawrence Rifkin has a penchant to stick it to Trump. Even while admitting, with personal regret, that the vast majority of Israelis are pro-Trump, he couldn’t resist citing “a fine piece” from the odious, super-left Haaretz which said Israel’s leaders were “leaping to the defense of a political leader who is actively and openly fanning the flames of hatred that now has an unprecedented toll.” Thanks for your leftist distortions and fanning the flames of hatred of Trump, Larry.

Pinchas Baram, Brookline 

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