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OCTOBER 18, 2018 – For those who spend a summer at a Jewish camp, the memories can last a lifetime. For some, there are bonds formed that stand the test of time. Such was the case for Liliya Perelman of Marblehead and Jerry Kramer of Peabody, who met at camp 10 years ago and were Read More

OCTOBER 18, 2018, SEVILLE, SPAIN – Outside the modest hotel, there is little shade along the commercial street of brick and stone façades. It is only mid-morning, but the air is already oppressively hot. In the lobby, signs marked “Beit Rambam” point the way down the stairs to a basement room at the end of Read More

OCTOBER 18, 2018, LYNNFIELD – When Cara Shaer Maney felt a lump in her neck, she chalked it up to swollen glands and didn’t think much of it, especially when her primary care doctor didn’t seem too concerned. Several weeks later, however, after a bout of colds, congestion, and achiness left her feeling “not herself,” Read More

OCTOBER 18, 2018 – This year I volunteered to serve a small and unusual kehillah (community) in Bali, an Indonesian island. They have named themselves “Congregation B’nai Hof,” which translates into Beach Boys. I was the only rabbi in this vast country of 250 million people, spread out over 17,000 islands. I did not receive Read More

OCTOBER 18, 2018, READING – Last Friday, a student at Reading Memorial High School found two swastikas etched in pencil on the leg of a science lab bench. This was the latest anti-Semitic incident to rock Reading, where more than a dozen anti-Semitic incidents have been reported at local public schools over the last year Read More

  OCTOBER 18, 2018 - Getting teenagers to do anything can be a real task. It’s even trickier to make them devote any of their already hectic schedules to Jewish education, especially once they’ve already celebrated their bar or bat mitzvah. However, many North Shore synagogues are proving up to the task. To compete in Read More

  OCTOBER 18, 2018 - As autumn kicks into full swing on the North Shore, it gradually becomes easier to book a spot at the best JCC spinning class in Marblehead, and to park in a prime location in the lot outside. The line at Evan’s Deli is shorter. Traffic along Atlantic Avenue flows freely Read More

OCTOBER 18, 2018 - Ed Medros, a native of Chelsea and a retired quality supplier engineer for General Electric medical products, is the president of Chelsea’s Walnut Street Synagogue. He married Ruth Bronstein in 1971, and the couple live in Portsmouth, N.H. They have two sons, Adam and Jonathan, and five grandchildren. Could you tell Read More

NAME: David Brook AGE: 30 HOMETOWN: Marblehead CURRENTLY LIVING IN: Los Angeles ALMA MATERS: Marblehead High School ’06, Northeastern University ’11 JOB: Songwriter/music producer FAVORITE FOOD: Brussels sprouts, sushi, zucchini, gnocchi, lasagna. Definitely Fruity Pebbles, Kit Kat bars. FAVORITE MUSIC: I love pop music. My favorite kind of pop is probably like emotional, huge records like “Rolling Read More

OCTOBER 4, 2018 – Once we get through the solemnity of the High Holidays, it’s time to celebrate, and what better way than to decorate a sukkah! At least that’s what my children thought, and it was my pleasure to take them back to temple to participate in this fun event. One thing I always Read More