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JUNE 7, 2018 – Over the past few years, I have had the privilege to participate in the many programs the Lappin Foundation has to offer for the community: Israel advocacy, the Y2I trip to Israel, community service, and so on. Through these experiences, I grew as a young adult and found an enhanced sense Read More

JUNE 7, 2018 - Most of us don’t need a designated day to remember our loved ones who have passed on. Father’s Day, however, does make us think of the male role models who influenced our lives and perhaps in memory still do. My late father-in-law, Benjamin Fearer, was just such a person. I first Read More

JUNE 7, 2018 - If a Jewish philanthropy Hall of Fame were ever established on the North Shore, then one of the first couples inducted would be Arlene and Mike Goodstein. The Goodsteins, who have lived here for 45 years, were key contributors to the construction of the Jewish Community Center of the North Shore Read More

JUNE 7, 2018 - If you happen to run into Josh Buchsbaum in some far-flung corner of the world, grab a chair and get comfortable. He has some good stories to tell. The Marblehead native has dodged an active volcano in Guatemala while being guided by an inebriated man carrying a machete. He’s attended a Read More

  MAY 24, 2018, SWAMPSCOTT — Jody and Noah Heller brought their newborn son, Luke, home to Swampscott in December 2013. Although he was a “sweet baby with an infectious laugh,” by nine months they noticed he was not hitting the same developmental milestones his older sister Lucy had by that age. The Hellers knew Read More

MAY 24, 2018, JERUSALEM – It’s mid-afternoon on Ben Yehuda and the broiling sun cooks the cobblestones of this storied street. I stroll from the vaunted Pinati hummus den, and as I seek out a coffee shop I pause before a large group of women who stand in silence around a small jail cell. Two Read More

MAY 24, 2018 – When Alty Weinreb answered the ad Congregation Shirat Hayam placed for a new cantor, it was because he was attracted to its name. “I love music [shirat] and the ocean [hayam], so I thought it might be interesting,” he said from his New York City home. After Weinreb experienced the Shabbat Read More

MAY 24, 2018 – Though the days are gloriously warm and sunny on the North Shore these days, many of us recall where we were during the repeated storms this past winter. While most of us were hunkered down in our homes, Leah Schauer and her family were braving the elements to attend her bat Read More

MAY 10, 2018 – It used to be that families with children enrolled in Jewish day school were a pretty homogenous crowd, two Jewish parents raising Jewish children. At Epstein Hillel School (EHS) there are still plenty of families who fit that bill, but there are more than a few who do not. Of all Read More

MAY 10, 2018 – It’s a scene many residents of the North Shore can recall in some variation or another. Off a busy street, a winding road meanders up a steep hill. The further up you go, the better the ocean views get. At the parking lot on top, you see a couple on their Read More