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By Julian Stux MAY 18, 2017 — My bar mitzvah Torah portion, Ki Teitzei from Deuteronomy Chapter 21, speaks of laws that were created by our people centuries ago and reflect who they were. They didn’t like how they were treated as slaves in Egypt, so they made sure Jewish laws treat all people with Read More

By Katie Tassinari MAY 18, 2017 — The Torah portion for my bat mitzvah was Vayakhel, Exodus Chapter 35. There are many instructions given by God, delivered by Moses. They include intricate details that require artistic ability and creativity. In Chapter 35, verse 10, Moses says to the Israelites, “And let every wise-hearted man among Read More

By Joshua Comito MAY 18, 2017 — When people ask me how it felt to become a bar mitzvah, I had to think about it for a few minutes. I felt so many different things: I was nervous, excited, anxious, happy, proud, and looking forward to partying with my friends. I wasn’t too worried about Read More

MAY 18, 2017 — On a recent morning in an Andover coffee shop, Idan Irelander closed his eyes when he was asked about his upcoming trip to Israel. “For me, it will be like inviting people into my home to spend time together,” he said. Irelander, who grew up in Israel, has served as the Read More

MAY 18, 2017 — Around 10 pm on May 7, Ellen Levine stopped reading her iPad and got out of bed. Levine, who has been teaching violin in Swampscott for decades and is a member of the Symphony by the Sea chamber orchestra, looked in the mirror and noticed just how much hair she had Read More

For her 65th birthday, Shelley Sackett had a bat mitzvah. On Saturday, April 29, the longtime Swampscott resident was called to the bimah during the Shabbat service at Congregation Shirat Hayam of the North Shore. She read flawlessly from the Torah, and recited the corresponding haftarah. In her dvar Torah ­– a talk on the Read More

MAY 18, 2017 — For the last 26 years, Marcy Yellin has spent nearly every day giving back to the North Shore Jewish community. A native of Queens, Marcy moved to Swampscott in 1991 with her husband, Ben – a scientist – and her three sons, Adam, Jacob and Seth. A gifted singer and guitarist Read More

MAY 18, 2017 — Ray Allen won an Olympic gold medal, NBA championships with the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat, and has acted in a Spike Lee film. Now 41 and retired from the NBA, he’s taken on a more serious assignment. Last December, President Barack Obama appointed Allen to the US Holocaust Memorial Council Read More

By Myrna Fearer JOURNAL CORRESPONDENT It’s been three decades since my mother passed away, and yet I still want to go to the phone and tell her something. With Mother’s Day almost here, I guess I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Thoughts of my mother, of times we shared just the two of us and as Read More

I am a mommy-in-the-middle: I have a mother and I am a mother. I get a lot of pleasure from both roles, but every year, Mother’s Day falls flat for me. I’m so busy being either mother or daughter that I never feel a personally meaningful or satisfying connection. Yet, I certainly connect to being Read More