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NOVEMBER 2, 2017 - Over 1,000 attendees will have the opportunity to hear 50 speakers address ways to open doors for people with disabilities when the Ruderman Family Foundation holds its 2017 Inclusion Summit at the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center in Boston on Nov. 19 and 20. Among those who will appear are Read More

Abraham Joshua Heschel writes, “Religion is an answer to man’s ultimate questions.” However, in order to get the right answers, we must ask the right questions. What questions should we ask? In the early chapters of Genesis, G-d, speaking directly and through messengers (the angels), asks humankind three questions: Where are you? Where is your Read More

NOVEMBER 2, 2017 - With the broadcast of Ken Burns’ PBS documentary, “The Vietnam War” and the publication of books on the Battle for Hue and singer Barry Sadler, Vietnam suddenly reentered the public’s consciousness this year – after many years of being buried deep in America’s collective memory. The documentary resonated with me because Read More

NOVEMBER 2, 2017 – Ralph Epstein rose from modest roots in Malden to become one of the area’s leading pulmonologists and emergency room doctors. Epstein, who is now 78, was one of four children born to Ida and Hyman Epstein. He won a scholarship to Williams College, studied medicine at Tufts Medical School, and practiced Read More

NOVEMBER 2, 2017 – Shortly before 9 on Tues­day morning, they lugged a lectern out on to Shirley Avenue in Revere and began to say goodbye to the last remnant of what was once one of the most thriving Jewish communities in Greater Boston. About 50 people crowded across the street from the grand Congregation Read More

NOVEMBER 2, 2017 – Like so many Jews who grew up on the hardscrabble streets of Chelsea, Richie Clayman wore his love for his city and his family on his sleeve. Whether he was walking down his hometown’s Broadway, meeting a judge in court, or on a beach in Aruba, he’d offer up his hand Read More

OCTOBER 19, 2017 - On a recent Sunday, more than a dozen people stood in line outside the B’nai B’rith food booth at the Topsfield Fair. Most stared at the menu, which would bring a smile to most deli aficionados. Fifty-six years ago, the booth began with a modest offering of Hebrew National hot dogs Read More

OCTOBER 19, 2017 - Jewish Journal Editor and Publisher Steven A. Rosenberg welcomed Jews who traveled from throughout the North Shore to the first Jewish Journal Literary Salon on Tuesday night. The evening of Jewish storytelling  gave a voice to people who wanted to share their stories about Jewish identity, and experiences. The program was Read More

OCTOBER 19, 2017 - Last week, during the waning days of Sukkot, Rabbi Michael Ragozin was lamenting about not being able to ride his bike. Ragozin, who is recuperating from an ACL tear, had been looking forward to putting together his Sukkah Cycle, which he peddles to congregants’ homes. There, he helps them fulfill the Read More