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  OCTOBER 4, 2018, SWAMPSCOTT – On Rosh Hashanah, Shirat Hayam president Renée Sidman stood before her congregation with news she referred to as the “biggest transformation of Shirat Hayam since the merger 13 years ago.” At the beginning of its next fiscal year in May, Shirat Hayam – which was formed in 2005 by Read More

OCTOBER 4, 2018, CAMBRIDGE - In the month since the start of the school year, new Harvard University president Lawrence S. Bacow and his wife, Adele Fleet Bacow, have already dropped in on a Shabbat dinner at Harvard Hillel; donated bouquets of flowers for the High Holidays; and joined students during religious services on Yom Read More

OCTOBER 4, 2018 - Jenny Sichel is a competitive rower who won a silver medal at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, for which she was awarded $3,000. Had Sichel won a silver medal for the Olympic team, she would have been awarded $15,000. No matter the medal, Paralympians until very recently earned only Read More

OCTOBER 4, 2018, MARBLEHEAD – Charles Chen, a married father of three, needed a job quickly. His unemployment benefits were running out, he and his family couldn’t afford his wife’s health insurance, and his teenage daughter was due to give birth in two months. He thought he could get employment training, but he went to Read More

OCTOBER 4, 2018, MARBLEHEAD – “He had rained upon them manna to eat, and given them grain of heaven,” says Psalm 78, describing the miraculous food that God provided the Israelites during their exodus from slavery. The word “manna” appears in the Torah, the New Testament, and the Koran, and its usage in all three Read More

NAME: Andrew Jacobson AGE: 21 CURRENTLY LIVING IN: Waltham HOMETOWN: Swampscott ALMA MATER: Swampscott High School ’15, Brandeis University ’19 FAVORITE FOOD: Indian food; aloo gobi FAVORITE MUSIC: I like Jon Bellion, Ishay Ribo … I like Hozier, Portugal. The Man … Bon Iver [they’re my favorite]. FAVORITE BOOKS: That’s a hard one,  but “Sabbath’s Read More

OCTOBER 4, 2018 - Adele Lubarsky grew up in Chelsea, and still spends most of her days there as principal of the Hooks Elementary School. She has lived with her husband, Mark Lubarsky, in Peabody for 40 years, and is the president of Temple Ner Tamid there. Adele and Mark have two sons, Lee and Read More

SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 - It’s been said that the basic story behind every Jewish holiday is, “They tried to kill us, they failed, let’s eat.” But on Yom Kippur, it might be something more like, “We tried our best, we messed up, now we can’t eat.” Many Jewish holidays are associated with the foods that Read More

SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 - When the Lappin Foundation started the Sukkat Shalom program in 2000, Sukkot was a somewhat forgotten holiday on the North Shore. While it was celebrated at synagogues, and by traditionally observant Jewish families, it was rare to see a sukkah in a person’s backyard. But shortly after rolling out the program Read More

SEPTEMBER 20, 2018, DEDHAM – At a time when children have access to unprecedented amounts of information and influences, parents are increasingly looking to schools to guide their children to ask critical questions and make informed choices about their actions. Boston is home to an impressive variety of public and private schools, leaving parents with Read More