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Penny Schwartz Special to the Journal Jewish Community Centers in Marblehead and Newton, along with other Jewish institutions across New England, were on alert Monday after a series of fake bomb threats were phoned in to sixteen JCCs across the country and two in England. The threats were described by one security official as unprecedented Read More

Susan Britt Special to the Journal Middleton Police Chief James DiGianvittorio always dreamed of becoming a police officer, but he never expected counter-terrorism to be such a high priority policing issue. In response to visiting a Kibbutz not far from the Gaza Strip during his recent Counter Terrorism Training in Israel, DiGianvittorio expressed surprise over Read More

Todd Feinburg Journal Publisher/Editor It was a short-lived storm that erupted last week when reports of knives on sale at a store called Freaky Elegant in Salem reached Jeff Cohen, chairman of the city’s No Place For Hate committee. The concern? The knives included swastikas. Cohen went into the store to see if the story Read More

Sophie Katzman Special to the Journal Yoga has a spiritual element that transcends reality. Many people do it for relaxation, meditation or stretching, and others, like Stacie Nardizzi, connect their practice to the Jewish faith. In Movement for Your Jewish Soul, a class sponsored by the Lappin Foundation and held at the JCCNS in Marblehead Read More

Todd Feinburg Journal Publisher/Editor Twice a year, Beverly dentist Dr. Eli Davidyan travels to third world countries to offer free dental services and to teach good dental hygiene with Kids International Dental Services (KIDS). His most recent trip, in November, was to Haiti, but he has also volunteered in destinations such as Guatemala, Mongolia and Read More

Todd Feinburg Journal Publisher/Editor It wasn’t just her first visit to Israel. State Representative Lori Ehrlich also paid her first visit to “Stars & Bucks Café.” No, not Starbucks, the iconic coffee chain, but an aspirational knockoff that is as close as they can come to the real deal in the West Bank city of Read More

Shelley A. Sackett Special to the Journal It was beginning to feel a lot like Hanukkah at the Museum of Fine Arts Wednesday when the Shapiro Family Courtyard was transformed into a large-scale celebration for the senses. The oversized interactive menorah cast its magic light over the crowd as some swayed to Ezekiel’s Wheels Klezmer Read More

Penny Schwartz Special to the Journal The ties that bind Boston with Israel took a fascinating turn last week. A new study by Brandeis University professor Jonathan Sarna traces modern day Israel’s well known blue-and-white flag with its six-pointed blue Star of David in its center to a flag of similar design developed in Boston Read More

TODD FEINBURG Can the synagogue be saved? That may not be a common question among congregants, but it is one that burns on the minds of many rabbis and lay leaders who see their congregations shrinking and who are considering mergers or changes to their business models in order to stave off extinction. One synagogue Read More

TODD FEINBURG It’s hard to say that Congregation Mishkan Tefila faced an emergency, because the iceberg it was preparing to hit was still a long way off and approaching slowly. Further, the synagogue was expecting a $20 million windfall from the sale of its Newton property to Boston College. That’s the sort of problem that Read More