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The Trump presidency is already forcing me to confront certain issues regarding being Jewish. During the campaign, Trump allowed himself to appear allied with anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic forces, things that are obviously cause for concern, and during these early weeks of his presidency he still seems comfortable embracing hate. He is also forcing me to Read More

Your recent editorial “Women’s March a Blessing” was nonsense. Your calling President Trump “a blustery, visceral vulgarity” was feminist b.s., playing to the galleries of all the yentas from the North Shore whom your frontpage lead article obsequiously honored. If you protesters succeed in bringing Trump down – whether through encouraging mob rule, legal obstruction Read More

Our family is extremely grateful to Arthur Epstein for his generous donation to Cohen Hillel Academy. Mr. Epstein’s name deserves to proudly adorn the scroll entrance and walls. However, we hope that Hillel’s name still could be found there too, if only to indicate that the Jewish character of the school does not change. Regardless Read More

The faculty and staff at Cohen Hillel Academy would like to publicly recognize our wonderful Head of School, Amy Gold. We feel so fortunate to have a leader who is passionate about excellence in education, innovative in curriculum design, perceptive about children, committed to building community, and devoted to our Jewish heritage and traditions. Since Read More

Have you noticed that the daughters of Presidents Kennedy, Clinton and Trump all married Jewish men? The wave of the future, a salute to our Biblical past. We know Americans like our milk homogenized, made of every conceivable (pun) combination. I’m a great-grandmother, so I am in a position to see through an extended spectrum Read More

There is plenty to admire about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netan­yahu, starting with his fierce commitment to the defense of Israel against a witch’s brew of enemies, both military and ideological, his understanding of history and his peerless ability to articulate Israel’s case. At the same time, it often seems that Netanyahu and his right Read More

On Monday morning, we woke up heavy-headed, lacking in sleep. But then the memory of what happened Sunday night seeped back in and a lightness of heart took control. “We won! They did it! That – Was – the Greatest Game. Ever.” For fans of the New England Patriots, observable even by those who have Read More

Teddy Weinberger Special to the Journal The Great Recession of 2008 broke what was once a taboo for American youth: moving back in with your parents after college. Now that the American economy is picking up, I imagine that some of the old stigmas against living at home will start to return. In Israel, it Read More

Saturday was a beautiful day for the country as the Women’s March turned into a huge national event, a reminder of how much our system depends on the free exchange of ideas to make it function properly.  Just as the Tea Party movement has been the most powerful force in our politics since 2010, the Read More

In any contract there is a mutual assumption of obligation by the contracting parties, and a mutual pledge of some sort to some stated end. If either of the parties does not give full assent, is somehow ignorant of the obligation, or otherwise engages in dissimulation as to the pledge, the contract is rendered invalid Read More