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“It seems odd to me,” said someone at a restaurant table the other night, her dinner plates being cleared, “that after so many thousands of years of human development and so much technology, we’ve never figured out a way to automate this experience. This seems so primitive to me, people waiting on us, like a Read More

The letter below was sent to the president of Tufts University in Medford by the president of the Russian Jewish Community Federation in Newton regarding the vote on divestment taken by the school’s student senate. Dear President Monaco, I was appalled and saddened to learn that Tufts Student Senate passed a BDS resolution to divest Read More

In response to Mr. Schneer’s comments (Jewish Journal, March 30, page 6), I did not assume that my/my friends’ way was the highway. I simply called Ms. Denbo out for several false statements that she made in her critiques of my column. She said I knew nothing about the event, when I watched the full Read More

Contributing to the Journal impels me to reflect and consider if I could have done better. An example is a recent critique about Robert Lappin’s Op-Ed about whether Islam is a religion or a political and social movement. Unlike my 92½-year-old Jewish mother who declares, “Only a very stupid bigot would believe that Islam is Read More

Barry Schrage’s recent retirement announcement is an important milestone for the Boston Jewish community. For three decades, Barry was extraordinarily successful in raising funds to support Jewish education and welfare as well as many non-Jewish causes. However, his legacy regarding the future safety of the Jewish community remains controversial, as evidenced by recent reports in Read More

There is a story about a man who became blind when he was a small child. As an adult, he made his living as the proprietor of a roadside fruit-stand. Very early every morning, he would travel to the market to handpick the best fruit the local farmers had to offer. Throughout the day, many Read More

Do you recognize these names: Theodor Herzl, Chaim Weizmann, David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, and Yitzchak Rabin? You probably do, but your children do not. How about these events: World Zionist Congress, Balfour Declaration, the Law of Return? Once again, you probably understand their significance, but your children do not. Jewish children should know these Read More

Marya Axner and Sheila Decter The struggle for workers’ rights and economic justice is nothing new. Passover is a story, among other things, of worker injustice. Even today many American workers often live perilous lives in unsafe working conditions. Housekeepers and janitors handle toxic chemicals without any protections or training. Day laborers may have their Read More

Cartoon by George Freedman Read More

  The most important son at the Seder is not the wise one. He’s not the one for whom the Haggadah (Ex. 13:8, “v’higgad’ta levin’cha”, “you shall narrate to your son”) explains the laws of the festival. The wise son is sure to want to delve into the sources for himself. Nor is it the Read More