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I was mortified to read letters to the editor in the Dec. 14 issue. One of the letter writers remarks that now she understands Robert Lappin’s previous actions. Bob can defend himself, but this is a man who has spent millions of his own dollars to send high school students to Israel on a FREE Read More

Many feel that the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanc­tions) strategy is a proper method to pressure Israel to compromise, negotiate, and support an improved and equal life for the Palestinians. Although this feeling would seem reasonable, if one follows carefully the written narrative and speeches of the international founders and leaders of the BDS strategy, a Read More

This year in Jerusalem! God bless Donald Trump. John David, Danvers Read More

JANUARY 11, 2018 – Earlier this month, more than 10,000 Israelis turned out for demonstrations in Tel Aviv against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Their purpose was to draw attention to corruption charges lodged against the prime minister. If he winds up being charged with a crime it will almost certainly mean that his fourth, and Read More

JANUARY 11, 2018 – It’s no secret that Jews living in Israel tend to view President Donald Trump in a more positive light than do Jews living in the United States – not necessarily for the way he behaves or runs his administration, but for the way he seems to be a backer of the Read More

JANUARY 11, 2018 – Ahed Tamimi, the 16-year-old Palestinian teen who was recently arrested after slapping an Israeli soldier, has become an overnight celebrity for the Palestinian cause. With her Western looks, and blonde hair, she resembles any other teen in the US or Europe – two key areas where the Palestinian propaganda machine plays Read More

A cartoon by George Freedman Read More

A cartoon by Hersh Goldman Read More

DECEMBER 28, 2018 - “And when the days of mourning for Jacob were over, Joseph spoke to the house of Pharaoh saying, ‘If now I have found favor in your eyes, speak, I pray you, in the ears of Pharaoh, saying, My father made me swear, and he declared: I am dying. In my grave Read More

DECEMBER 28, 2018 - Hamas’s latest effort to join a Palestinian unity government is little more than a facade, and the terror group’s top immediate objective is to seize control of Judea and Samaria and turn it into a second Gaza, according to the assessments of defense experts. After years of failed attempts at reconciliation Read More