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How should we feel about the attack on the president-elect made by Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes this week? Melanie Phillips, who writes for the Times of London, offered an intriguing analysis. Meryl Streep is a very great screen actor. That is all President-elect Trump needed to say in response to her extremely disobliging Read More

Yes, move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. The move can be justified on so many levels starting with King David establishing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and continuing with thousands of years of Jewish life connected to that city. Further, the embassy would be built in undisputed Israeli territory in west Jerusalem giving the Read More

The following is written to all of those who have equated Judaism with liberalism and the Democratic Party during the recent election cycle. By way of example, a letter writer in the previous issue stated in her opening sentence, “I am an American Jew of Ashkenazi descent and am a proud Democrat.” As a “staunch” Read More

Regarding the Journal’s bland assent to the mega-bonus for CJP’s exec director Barry Shrage (Jewish Journal, December 22): well, the editor fell for the CJP “explanation” hook, line and sinker. These are hard times for a lot of folks jobwise; but you obviously were blind to that fact and oblivious to the ill will this Read More

I’d like to express my disappointment over the refusal of the US to veto the recent UN Security Council Resolution 2334 regarding Israeli settlements. This resolution included words that Israel’s actions “constitute a flagrant violation under international law.” My goodness! Is this really the way the present Democratic Administration wants to leave its legacy by Read More

As a young girl growing up in the New York City area, I was thrilled to visit the United Nations. Over the years I have become increasingly angered and disillusioned by the anti-Israel positions of the UN. The Resolution passed by the Security Council on December 23 was the final straw! With all the injustices Read More

I was quite dismayed on reading Representative Lori Ehrlich’s impressions after completing her first trip to Israel (Jewish Journal, December 22). It is quite puzzling to me that on a first trip she did not mention the miraculous wonder of Israel and what it has achieved in its short life despite threats to her very Read More

I read with great interest the article in the December 22 issue of the Jewish Journal entitled “Israel’s Flag has a Boston Star.” Actually, Israel’s flag has a North Shore connection as well. The Rabbi Jacob Baruch Askowith, mentioned in the article as the designer of the flag of Israel, was my great-great grandfather. I Read More

Cartoon by George Freedman Read More

Teddy Weinberger Barack Obama is my favorite college classmate.  He and I graduated from Columbia College in May 1983. Thanks to him, I was freed from an excruciating quarterly ordeal. Four times a year Columbia College Today, our alumni magazine, makes the long trek all the way out to my post-office box in Givat Ze’ev, Israel.  And four Read More