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DECEMBER 13, 2018 – My husband and I just returned from the most interesting trip we have ever experienced: the Ultimate Mossad Mission to Israel sponsored by Shurat HaDin. Although I have been to Israel many times, this trip piqued my interest and it did not disappoint, not simply because of the locations and venues Read More

DECEMBER 13, 2018 – Hanukkah has come and gone, and the light from the menorah has helped make our early winter evenings a little brighter. After eight nights of light we are reminded that shining light in the darkness can bring hope, and clarity. The holiday also reminds us that miracles can happen. One of Read More

DECEMBER 13, 2018 – The noise is rising and we are not listening! The warnings are not being listened to. Must it be the “flood” once again? Stop, look around, and listen to the growing warning around us! Must each generation rediscover that flaw as if we are the first? Perhaps maybe we can when Read More

DECEMBER 13, 2018 – My First Person submission to the Journal on Nov. 22 described two of five community based structural responses to anti-Semitic acts dealing with situations as the death of eleven Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue, as well as the death of five Jews at Parkland, Florida’s high school. This is in contrast Read More

A cartoon by Hersh Goldman Read More

A cartoon by George Freedman Read More

DECEMBER 13, 2018 – On Friday night after our usual services, we had a very unusual Oneg Shabbat/The Delight of Shabbat, the celebration of family and community. Temple Sinai members and friends were warmly welcomed at the Islamic Society of the North Shore in Lynn. Our encounter was a part of the Pulpit Exchange, a Read More

DECEMBER 13, 2018, JERUSALEM – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu certainly has his work cut out for him. Besides serving as prime minister, he’s been acting health minister and acting foreign minister. Now, he’s taken on the role of acting defense minister, where he’ll personally oversee tensions that for months have been high along the Read More

NOVEMBER 29, 2018 – Darkness greets us at dawn in December. The morning winds begin, the trees sway, the leaves poke through the snow and ice and we carry on, adjusting – ignoring the chilly gusts that seem to whisper something new each morning. There is much to ponder in winter’s glare and shadows. We Read More

NOVEMBER, 29, 2018 - JERUSALEM – Sometimes it seems like Israel has a collective ADHD issue. Or, an accelerated sense of time and events. Take the last couple of weeks. The deep-fried sufganiyot (jelly donuts) that mark the beginning of Hanukkah season were abundant at every bakery and minimarket. But instead of prematurely indulging in Read More