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FEBRUARY 22, 2018 – They start appearing in every Israeli bakery about 25 minutes after the last Hanukkah lights flicker out in December. Which is par for the course, since the primary culinary treat of the Hanukkah season in Israel – the sufganiyot (or as any New Englander county fair aficionado would recognize as fried Read More

FEBRUARY 22, 2018 – Israel’s government has greatly ramped up efforts recently to combat international efforts to impose boycotts and sanctions on Israel and delegitimize its very right to exist. To this end, it recently budgeted approximately a quarter of a billion shekels ($72 million), a large budget by Israeli standards. The decision reflects a Read More

FEBRUARY 22, 2018 - The Jerusalem Talmud teaches us in the tractate Megillah: Rav Yohanan said: the books of the prophets and the writings will become invalid in the future but the five biblical books will remain forever as it is written [Deuteronomy 5:19]: “A large sound that does not end.” Reish Lakish added that Read More

FEBRUARY 22, 2018 - I am defiantly giddy. The reason? Purim is just about here. On Purim, Jews worldwide sit and hear the Megillah being read, say a L’Chaim, dress up, say a L’Chaim, eat hamentashen, give charity to the poor, give food gifts and say a L’Chaim, have a feast on day two of Read More

Lawrence Rifkin’s generally balanced story of Israel’s refugee crisis, “Illegals of our own,” Feb. 8, is marred by the dehumanizing label “illegals” for recent migrants to Israel. As Eli Wiesel wrote, “You who are so-called illegal aliens must know that no human being is ‘illegal’.” In the US, demonizing undocumented migrants as “illegals” is the Read More

I was saddened and disturbed to read how Mr. Rifkin called the refugees from Africa “illegals.” They’re not illegals. They’re human beings in fear for their lives, without papers. Like you and me, and like Jews, they’re made in the image of God. The language we use matters. The very same issue noted that only Read More

The Jewish Journal needs to be commended for publishing “Arab anti-Semitism and the Nazis” in its Feb. 8th edition. Lynn Julius’s historical timeline of the endemic Arab hatred of Israel and the Jews provides us with raw facts and helps to explain where we are today. Our Western culture is well aware of anti-Semitism emanating Read More

Often there’s only enough time for my “elevator speech” when someone asks me, as a dual citizen of Israel and the United States, when peace will come to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Here’s how I answer: When the Palestinian Arab school books stop referring to Jews as the sons of apes and pigs and stop calling Read More

FEBRUARY 22, 2018 – Purim, the holiday that details how a Jewish woman, Esther, saved an entire nation from death, will begin Wednesday night, February 28 and continue through Thursday, March 1. During this time of great strife in America – where everyday seems to bring a new social, economic or world crisis – let Read More

A cartoon by George Freedman Read More