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The political parties like to blame each other for the polarized political environment today, and so do voters. But what if the great political divide is our fault, not theirs? According to Pew Research, it is clear that we have become a more politically polarized society. Twenty years ago, “36% of Republican voters were more Read More

What does it take to stop anti-Semitism in this country? It has become painfully obvious that words alone will not stop the current wave of Jew-hatred. Yet words alone seem to be the standard procedure of Jewish leaders after an anti-Semitic act. Their “deep concern” is a verbal continuation of the passivity that historically characterized Read More

Ms. Denbo’s letter was brought to my attention. Obviously, she did not read my column (Journal, February 23), where I say that I watched the video (of retired Lt. General Michael Flynn when he spoke in Stoughton last August). That is about as first-hand as one can get without actually being there. In the video Read More

Thank you for publishing my letters in recent issues of the Jewish Journal. I also appreciate how they were edited. Dick Freeman, Chestnut Hill Read More

Leonard Friedman, MD Special to the Journal Can American physicians and their academic leadership provide better doctor/patient relationships? Academic medicine, like the law, prefers the latest developments in the literature to produce best practices. Academic law rests on the latest court decisions in all areas of law. There is no interest in the history of Read More

Joseph F. Doyle Special to the Journal With the recent perjury implications concerning Federal Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ multiple contacts with the Russians, I asked an attorney why Sessions hasn’t been placed in custody for lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee. After he stopped laughing, he said “because of the multiple multi-level interpretations.” My response Read More

Alan Bergsten Special to the Journal Betsy DeVos was recently confirmed by the Senate to be our new Education Secretary. As part of her campaign to have all of our nation’s kids improve their current low level of learning, she has advocated taxpayer funding to include private, charter as well as religious schools. This has Read More

Cartoon by George Freedman Read More

Purim is a one-day Jewish carnival, a day of over the top revelry. People dress up in costumes. Children spray unsuspecting passers-by with foam. And, according to some authorities, drunken celebration is a requirement. Why do we drink on Purim? The practice originates with the Talmudic Sage, Rava, who said: a person is obligated to Read More

As controversy swirls around President Trump’s move to bar individuals’ entry to the United States from six countries with predominately Muslim populations, a much larger and more important issue is overlooked. The issue is Islam, and the correctness of defining it as a religion, as it relates to our Constitution, and to immigration. Islam is Read More