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OCTOBER 5, 2017 – The good news is that it turns out Interpol isn’t the international police agency that movies and television shows have led us to believe. The bad news is that the international community just gave the Good Housekeeping seal of approval to those who traffic in terrorism. The story concerns the latest Read More

A cartoon by George Freedman Read More

The Journal’s “Malden students, teachers honor Shoah victims at memorial,” which ran on September 21 and was written by Penny Schwartz, nurtures my faith in humanity. That students initiated this ceremonial project and were given full support from educators and diverse community members is another reminder of why the youth of today are worthy of Read More

I love what you’ve been doing with the Journal. I read last week’s Rosh Hashanah insert and passed it on to the pastor at First Church so he could read all of the mini-sermons of the area rabbis. They were all very thought-provoking and inspirational. Patty Clark, Director of Music Ministries, First Church in Swampscott Read More

Thank you for Tspora Roth’s story on the “The Mysterious Bathtub Carp” that appeared on the front page of the September 21 Jewish Journal. Growing up on the ocean in the small Jewish community of Winthrop, I too experienced the bathtub fish. My paternal grandmother also brought in live fish. Until this article, I had Read More

A cartoon by Hersh Goldman Read More

OCTOBER 5, 2017 – We are Americans. Many of us believe we can do anything. But somehow, Americans have not been able to convince members of Congress to implement gun reform. Sunday night’s massacre in Las Vegas, where a lone gunman barricaded himself in a hotel room with dozens of firearms – including high-powered rifles Read More

SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 – Where once I found visiting the cemetery a somewhat frightening experience, I now feel it is a place of comfort, of memories and of peace. When I walk among the graves of those I loved, respected and admired, I don’t see gravestones but loved ones. I read the names in English Read More

SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 – My rabbis always have stressed the importance of preparing for Rosh Hashanah during the entire month of Elul leading up to the holiday. This year, I have spent some time thinking about why it takes the entire month to prepare and what our focus should be. The Rosh Hashanah prayers are Read More

SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 – We often refer to the High Holidays as the Days of Awe, Yamim Noraim. These last weeks have evoked in us a palpable sense of awe, as we reflect on the power of nature – creative and destructive in the same moment, wreaking havoc with human structures, and even with human Read More