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AUGUST 16, 2018 - Elul, the month of reflection before Rosh Hashanah, has arrived. During this month, it is customary for Jews to meditate on the past year and take stock of our actions. Not every Jew cares about the holiday or the month, but for many, it is a gift which allows us to Read More

AUGUST 2, 2018, JERUSALEM – Early in the morning of July 19, Israel’s Knesset, following a session lasting late into the night, passed a piece of legislation that left the country’s right-wingers happy, left-wingers and Arabs unhappy, and the rest of the population scratching its head. The Nation-State Law doesn’t change much other than the Read More

by DINA ZELDIN AUGUST 2, 2018 – Some of my impressions after spending two weeks in Israel: 1. Arrival I’ve never seen a more purple sky than the one on my first night in Israel. We had landed, exhausted from our cold airplane ride, and were welcomed by a gust of warm air that offered Read More

by DORA FRIEDMAN AUGUST 2, 2018 – The problem with the younger generation is we tend to disassociate. We avoid attachment, and avoid really connecting with the land around us. Before the Y2I trip, I would have blamed this detachment on the electronic screens that constantly surround us. But after traveling halfway around the world Read More

AUGUST 2, 2018 – With a short break in the beautifully chaotic two weeks I am spending in Israel, I have found time to reflect upon my experience and share my thoughts. This year marks my third trip to Israel in the last three summers of my young life. I am truly thankful and blessed Read More

AUGUST 2, 2018 – Community is at the center of all we do – and that was more apparent than ever at July 17’s Choose to Connect, the annual CJP Women’s Philanthropy event on the North Shore. Thank you to new CJP President and CEO Rabbi Marc Baker for choosing the North Shore for his Read More

A cartoon by Hersh Goldman Read More

A cartoon by George Freedman Read More

AUGUST 2, 2018 - We started off outside, and spent so long there I wondered if we’d ever go in. We walked through the woods to the pond where there were now trails everywhere and fewer trees than I remembered. Then we walked down the street, away from the house. No! Had he assumed I Read More

“The job of the newspaper is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” – Finley Peter Dunne, journalist, Chicago Evening Post AUGUST 2, 2018 - Journalism and free speech in America is under attack. Most disturbingly, the person leading the campaign is the president of the United States. Since he took office less than Read More