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MARCH 29, 2018 – In our Jewish neighborhood in Mattapan, some brave little flowers would begin to pop up in the small green areas allotted to each triple-decker. Daylight lasted longer and spring was in the air. We all knew that Passover wasn’t far behind. Of course the first part of the preparation was giving Read More

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We were pleased last week to read the front page article showcasing North Shore teens repairing homes in New Orleans thanks to 1Mitzvah and Chabad’s Jew Crew. Today, our Jewish North Shore teens have a large menu of community building opportunities to choose from. While the Chabad group was in New Orleans, another group of Read More

A cartoon by George Freedman Read More

[The] Robert J. Ullery referred to in this article (“Israeli Band of Brothers takes sobering sojourn to Normandy,” Journal, Nov. 16, 2017) is my dad, and when he returned from this trip, it was a highlight of his experience to share the chance meeting that he had with your group. Dad has traveled the world Read More

Thank you for running the story on the Parkland shooting with prominent pictures of the Jewish victims (Journal, Feb. 22). Although on March 8 you ran an op-ed with pictures of all the victims, which is also legitimate, it is the job of a Jewish newspaper to bring out the Jewish angle in any news Read More

On March 12 at Congregation Beth El-Atereth in Newton I had the opportunity to hear Stuart Force speak about his son, Taylor, a West Point Graduate and Iraq war veteran, who was brutally murdered by a Pales­tinian terrorist while touring in Israel as a civilian in 2016. Palestinians danced in the street celebrating this horrific Read More

MARCH 29, 2018 - Passover begins Friday night with the first Seder. As we sit down and retell the story of the Exodus from slavery, American Jews will have an opportunity to reflect on just how different our lives are from the Jews who emerged from Egypt. That generation had never known freedom. Conversely, a Read More

MARCH 22, 2018 – Spring arrived with more snow this week, and even as we shovel out paths and driveways, some of us are lifted just knowing that Passover will begin next week. The two Seders will be held after sundown on Friday, March 30 and Saturday, March 31. While Jewish affiliation and identity has Read More

MARCH 22, 2018 – AMHERST – Almost every time David S. Wyman delivered a lecture related to his remarkable book, The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941-1945, someone in the audience would ask: Why would you, a Christian, take such a strong interest in a Jewish issue? Professor Wyman – a longtime Read More