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JUNE 1, 2017 – Walk through Jerusalem and it’s easy to forget that the city was divided just 50 years ago, and that the Jordanians controlled the Old City. These days, you can hop on the Light Rail that runs from Mount Herzl to Machane Yehuda and Zion Square, all the way to Damascus Gate Read More

In a seminal piece for The Atlantic last September, journalist Salena Zito explained a simple truth that most people hadn’t grasped about the man who was about to be elected the 45th president of the United States. Simply put, his numerous critics took everything he said literally but not seriously, while his supporters took him Read More

For those – like me – who’d never really given any thought to singer Ariana Grande before the terrorist atrocity at her concert in the British city of Manchester, it took a few minutes to figure out the correspondence between her audience and the target selection of suicide bomber Salman Abedi. Eventually, it dawned. Grande’s Read More

JERUSALEM – To judge by what was said in public, President Donald Trump’s visit to Israel went fairly well. There were, of course, a few gaffes. Trump clearly disappointed his hosts by going to the Western Wall without them for a “private visit,” and he left an inscription in the guest book at Yad Vashem Read More

Cartoon by Hersh Goldman Read More

Cartoon by George Freedman Read More

Love him or hate him, I am grateful that President Trump elected to go to Israel on his first foreign trip. It sends a strong signal to Israel that not only does this administration have Israel’s back, but renews hope that peace is still a possibility. In spite of rumblings by the State Dept. about Read More

On a recent shopping trip to the Butch­erie, the following exchange took place between me and one of my children. Can I have that pack of gum? No. Please? No. Pretty, pretty please. No. C’mon, you never let me get anything. Sorry, but the answer is still no. Please, please, please... I’ll behave, I’ll do Read More

MAY 18, 2017 – White House officials say they foiled a plan by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to have President Donald Trump walk near the tomb of Yasser Arafat when Trump visits Israel and the disputed territories next week. Supposedly, the PA wanted to photograph Trump with the tomb in the background. I wouldn’t put Read More

JERUSALEM – Like other US presidents, Donald Trump will put his hands on the Western Wall; he will pray, and then slip a note between the cracks. Whether or not he visits Yad Vashem, he will say “never again.” In Jerusalem, he will promise to be Israel’s best friend and to build peace between Israelis Read More