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When considering the salient message of the Passover story, I often focus on the concept of freedom from a psychological perspective. I think about the choice that we have to focus on the good, to serve others and to live in the present. Living in the present for me means to not be weighed down Read More

  Pesach is here. It starts with a Seder. We sit and think about those people who are so very special in our lives. We look around the table, and being human, we tend to separate everyone into “winners” and “losers”. No, it is not nice, but most people cannot help themselves. How do I Read More

This (terror attack) has got to be a wake up call for you and the country. I’ve been to St. Petersburg several times and ridden in its subway system second to none. St. Petersburg is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I believe while they are fighting each other in Washington Read More

I was thrilled to see a nice story about a nice guy – Barry Shrage – in your paper last week. He’s not only nice, however, but he’s very capable and a huge success in his position as head of Combined Jewish Philanthropies in Boston. It’s convenient and popular maybe these days to throw stones Read More

It’s a real Shunda that as Pogo might say with a paraphrase – “We have found the enemy of Jewish participation and it is ignoring 1 person 1 vote!” Jewish leaders who stand up for Judaism and treat people who don’t have financial resources as yesterday’s news deserve no mention as community stalwarts. Rather, community Read More

It’s 30 years now that you and everybody else has been kissing up to Barry Shrage, head of CJP. Where is the skepticism we expect from our journalism when someone makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to run a charitable organization and then gets a multi-million dollar retirement bonus (with no plans to Read More

Economist Tyler Cowen likes to talk about “status quo bias” as perhaps the biggest bias problem humans have. The term refers to a predisposition toward keeping things the way they are or sticking with previously made decisions. Managers often complain of status quo bias, even without knowing the phrase. “But this is the way we’ve Read More

The media landscape can be a pretty discouraging place these days. The internet creates pressure for news organizations to write stories that deliver clicks, and stories that generate online buzz are often the cheesiest and most manipulative ones. National TV news is treated as entertainment as much as a vehicle to deliver important information about Read More

Cartoon by George Freedman Read More

I’m just writing to express my pleasure that Bob Dylan, born Zimmerman, has finally made a date to accept his Nobel peace prize – or whatever it was. This doesn’t result in gratification because I care about the Nobel committee or its silly awards – I would have been fine if he had snubbed them Read More