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  JANUARY 25, 2018 – Why does the heart of the Passover Haggadah almost completely omit mention of Moses, limiting him to one cameo appearance? Moreover, that brief reference, a verse from our portion, Beshalach, dealing with the Parting of the Red Sea, seems to mention Moses in an incidental manner: “And Israel saw the Read More

While I support aliyah, I’m concerned with those who truly need haven. American Jews aren’t facing persecution, like African refugees in Israel. They face probable death if they go home. They’re being falsely told Rwanda’s safe. It absolutely isn’t. This is reminiscent of how some Jews in WW ll were misled into believing they were Read More

My mother worked for the Truman Administration and Office of Military Government of the United States in war torn Berlin in 1946-47. Visiting many displaced persons camps, her motto was, “There but for the Grace of G-d go I.” The recent edicts from the White House are forcing my hand to write. What our Commander Read More

Your recent article (Jan. 11, p. 2) stating that CJP faces a giant task in finding (Barry) Shrage’s successor is an exaggeration, while the article’s insert in bold type that the search committee is mindful that there have been many changes in the American Jewish community is probably the understatement of the year. Shrage made Read More

A cartoon by George Freedman Read More

A cartoon by Hersh Goldman Read More

JANUARY 25, 2018 – Combined Jewish Philan­thropies should be applauded for choosing Rabbi Marc Baker as its next president and chief executive officer. Baker is in a unique position to step in and run New England’s largest Jewish charity. As a native of Lynnfield, he has deep roots in the community; his late father, Steve Read More

I was mortified to read letters to the editor in the Dec. 14 issue. One of the letter writers remarks that now she understands Robert Lappin’s previous actions. Bob can defend himself, but this is a man who has spent millions of his own dollars to send high school students to Israel on a FREE Read More

Many feel that the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanc­tions) strategy is a proper method to pressure Israel to compromise, negotiate, and support an improved and equal life for the Palestinians. Although this feeling would seem reasonable, if one follows carefully the written narrative and speeches of the international founders and leaders of the BDS strategy, a Read More

This year in Jerusalem! God bless Donald Trump. John David, Danvers Read More