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In the midst of Donald Trump’s distracting style of leadership, with press and public struggling to keep up with his constitution-bending reversals in policy, reality-show unveiling of judges, and spats with foreign leaders, it is easy to overlook a problem so fundamental that it is the greatest reason for alarm with where the new administration Read More

It wasn’t inevitable for human beings to control the world according to Israeli historian Yuval Harari, who makes a fascinating argument for what puts us on top in his breakout book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.” We find our power in our ability to organize ourselves around belief systems, or stories, that can be Read More

To counter the rampaging anti-Semitic ghouls who strive to terrorize Jewish communities around the USA with bomb threats and the desecration of our cemeteries, Celebrate Mercy (CM), an Islamic organization, has taken the initiative and raised (online) more than $150,000 to help restore the Chesed Shel Emeh Cemetery in University City, Missouri and another in Read More

Picture blood everywhere. Babies and children and pregnant women shot, stabbed, throats cut. Men ripped apart, their killers showing with glee their blood-soaked hands to a shouting crowd. 1943 in Nazi-invaded Poland? No, Israel, in just in the last few years. Picture next a press room in Washington, lots of cameras, at the microphone a Read More

I attended Ahavath Torah to hear General Flynn’s speech on how to win the war against Radical Islam. As it turns out, records show Susie Davidson was not in attendance and gleaned her information from a second-hand CNN report. She accuses the General of claiming that Florida Democrats voted to impose Sharia law at the Read More

Why are there no arrests, or even news of progress, or lack thereof, concerning any investigation of the recent anti-Semitic attacks by vandals at the gravesites in Missouri and Pennsylvania, along with near to a hundred bomb threats called into Jewish Community Centers all around our country? These attacks pose a great threat not only Read More

Purim is the beloved holiday of all of Israel’s (Jewish) children. One of the reasons for this is that the country institutionalizes the holiday’s observance. Two days before Purim (itself a school holiday) Israeli children beginning in pre-K come to school in costume, ranging from characters in the Esther story, to current cartoon favorites, to Read More

Cartoon by George Freedman Read More

In my first seventeen years, I was lucky enough to live a life in which death and tragedy were far off, unimaginable incidents that only happened in movies. Some could say I was naïve. But when you’ve never had to mourn death or cope with a shocking loss, it’s impossible to imagine the magnitude of Read More

Does the Jewish Community of Greater Boston have a future, or do inter-marriage and declining synagogue attendance foreshadow the disintegration of Judaism as a religion? The latter suggestion may sound over-the-top, but so is the data. In the first of a series of such seminars, Combined Jewish Philanthropies was at Cohen Hillel Academy in Marblehead Read More