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NOVEMBER 22, 2018 – Bruce Siegel (Honorable Menschion, Jewish Journal, Nov. 11) is a top-notch cantor, a talented musician, and most importantly, a wonderful human being. As a congregant from Bruce’s and Anne’s former shul in N.J., I miss them very much and wish them health and happiness for many years. Steven Schwaber, Allenwood, NJ Read More

NOVEMBER 22, 2018 – In his article, “Chabad’s new mikvah to open Nov. 25” (The Jewish Journal, November 15, 2018), Steven Rosenberg writes: “The new mikvah will replace the old immersion pool that was housed at the former site of Congregation Ahabat Sholom in Lynn. That mikvah fell into disrepair over a decade ago.” In Read More

NOVEMBER 22, 2018 – This column is dedicated to the Jews massacred in Pittsburgh, the Jews in Israel dodging rockets, the Jews on the North Shore scared by the swastikas and blown out windows by BB bullets, and Jews around the world that are scared by what appears to be an old trend creeping back Read More

NOVEMBER 22, 2018 – Greater Boston Jewry is facing a wave of anti-Semitism that has not been seen in this part of New England in decades. For the last 18 months, Reading Jews have wondered why over 30 swastikas have been found in schools and other public places – and that no one has been Read More

  NOVEMBER 15, 2018  - After the massacre at the Tree of Life congregation, I am still angry and extremely disappointed by the politicization of this horrible atrocity. Indeed, I was horrified to hear our own local state representative orate at the support ceremony at Temple Sinai the following day, that the key to fixing Read More

NOVEMBER 15, 2018 - Our hearts are broken. We’re desolate. We’re angry. We’re even a little bit surprised. Who gave American anti-Semitism permission to crawl out from under its rock? Oh. Right. With regard to terrorism hitting home, American Jews’ innocence has been crushed, in the same way that all Americans’ innocence was shattered on Read More

NOVEMBER 15, 2018 – Following last month’s Pittsburgh temple shooting where 11 congregants were killed on a Shabbat, Jewish organizations, synagogues and congregants have woken to a new America. Security is now on everyone’s mind, and for good reason. Mass shootings are occurring with alarming frequency in America, and anti-Semitism is soaring across the country Read More

By Ari Mahler NOVEMBER 15, 2018 – I am the Jewish nurse. Yes, that Jewish nurse. The same one that people are talking about in the Pittsburgh shooting that left 11 dead. The trauma nurse in the Emergency Room that cared for Robert Bowers, who yelled, “Death to all Jews,” as he was wheeled into Read More

NOVEMBER 15, 2018, JERUSALEM – It’s no secret that there’s something of a disconnect between Jews in the U.S. and Jews in Israel. Remember the popular book “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus?” Just slip “Israelis” in place of men, and “U.S. Jews” in place of women. But on some things, such as Read More

NOVEMBER 15, 2018 – The murder of Jews at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh has left us all numb. Fortunately, most people in the Boston area put their differences aside and came together in many meaningful ways to try to deal with the horror of the worst anti-Semitic act in United States history Read More