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Journal Correspondent

MARCH 29, 2018 - For Jews who observe the dietary laws of Passover and love pancakes, it will be a long eight days before they can enjoy them. Pancakes fall squarely under a category of food that the Torah calls chametz: any sort of combination of bread and water that has been allowed to rise Read More

Journal Correspondent

MARCH 29, 2018 - Carrie Dichter grew up in Marblehead, where she attended religious school at Temple Emanu-El through post-confirmation. She is parent committee chair of Temple Tiferet Shalom Hebrew School in Peabody, which her nine-year-old daughter has attended since pre-school. “My husband and I feel religious school is important,” she said. Asked if there Read More

MARCH 29, 2018 - “Next Year in Jerusalem.” That’s what we used to sing back in Maine when I was a kid on those rare times we made it to the end of the Passover Seder. Usually, there was a half-hearted or no-hearted attempt to carry on with the Haggadah after the festive meal, but Read More

Journal Correspondent

MARCH 29, 2018 - Last weekend at Lynn Arts, Marble­head artist Rickey Schwed stood next to three striking charcoal drawings of three generations of women. They were displayed vertically, and included Schwed’s great-grandmother Esther, dressed in an elegant 1940s hat. In Schwed’s charcoal, Esther stares straight ahead, serious and concerned. It’s as if she knows Read More

MARCH 29, 2018 - On March 24, just after the end of Shabbat services and Kiddush, 20 members of Beverly’s Temple B’nai Abraham walked to Lynch Park to attend the North Shore March for Our Lives. There, they joined another 30 temple members of all ages, part of about 1,000 people who were gathered there Read More

MARCH 29, 2018 - Passover begins Friday night with the first Seder. As we sit down and retell the story of the Exodus from slavery, American Jews will have an opportunity to reflect on just how different our lives are from the Jews who emerged from Egypt. That generation had never known freedom. Conversely, a Read More