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Journal Correspondent

  MAY 24, 2018, SWAMPSCOTT — Jody and Noah Heller brought their newborn son, Luke, home to Swampscott in December 2013. Although he was a “sweet baby with an infectious laugh,” by nine months they noticed he was not hitting the same developmental milestones his older sister Lucy had by that age. The Hellers knew Read More

Journal Staff

MAY 24, 2018, JERUSALEM – It’s mid-afternoon on Ben Yehuda and the broiling sun cooks the cobblestones of this storied street. I stroll from the vaunted Pinati hummus den, and as I seek out a coffee shop I pause before a large group of women who stand in silence around a small jail cell. Two Read More

MAY 24, 2018, JERUSALEM – Much has been made in recent weeks about events along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip, especially those of May 14, when more than 60 Palestinians were killed. It’s not entirely unprecedented for Israeli soldiers to face off against civilians rushing a border fence. On May 15, 2011, a few Read More

MAY 24, 2018 – As social activists throughout the world take aim at Israel, labeling the 60 who died when they tried to storm the Israeli border as victims of a massacre, there are many reasons to mourn the dead in Gaza. It was a massacre, but the blame must be assigned to Hamas and Read More

MAY 24, 2018 – Like that famous 1976 New Yorker illustration by Saul Steinberg that presented Manhattan as the over-large center of the world, those of us in Jerusalem usually have an inflated sense of our own significance in the universe. Then along come the events of the last couple weeks to totally justify that Read More

Journal Correspondent

MAY 24, 2018, SWAMPSCOTT – While Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik’s 2015 book, “Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” arguably branded the Supreme Court justice as a pop-cultural phenomenon, the recently released documentary, “RBG,” leaves no room to mistake this woman for a fluffy contemporary trend. The diminutive 85-year-old intellectual powerhouse Read More