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Journal Staff

JUNE 21, 2018, SALEM – For many, the North Shore is a lucky place to live. “I am incredibly lucky,” said Rabbi Jillian Cameron of Salem. “I know that, and I think about it on a regular basis.” A second later, she reiterated: “I’m very, very, very lucky.” “I feel so fortunate to be born Read More

Journal Staff

JUNE 21, 2018 - How would you like to learn how to write a play? Make a robot out of Legos? Become a mad scientist? Maybe you’d like to travel to a trampoline park, or mini-golf course that glows neon? Or perhaps you’d just like to kick back and swim in a pool or lake Read More

JUNE 21, 2018 - Recent findings published by the American Jewish Committee reveal that American Jews are increasingly from Venus while Israelis are firmly planted on Mars. The AJC poll included many of the expected political, social and religious questions that generally raise the hackles of any discourse between the cousins on opposite sides of Read More

JUNE 21, 2018 – Despite attempts in recent years to connect American Jews with Israel – over 650,000 young Jews have traveled to the Holy Land on Birthright since its inception – a profound ideological and theological gap exists between Jews in both countries. American Jews are growing more secular – a 2013 Pew Research Read More

Journal Staff

JUNE 21, 2018, NORTHWOOD, N.H. – Even though her Swampscott neighborhood is quiet and safe, Rachelle Dubow would never let her kids run around outside at night. As a result, they’re usually staring at some sort of screen. “You get sucked up in their vortex of electronics,” she said. “In so many of their interactions Read More

Journal Correspondent

JUNE 21, 2018, BOSTON – Yom HaShoah was observed in April and the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, “The Night of Broken Glass,” does not arrive until November. But both commemorations were front stage at Faneuil Hall on June 10 during “Rededication to Resiliency: Community Holocaust Commemoration of Yom HaShoah,” a rededication of the restored New Read More