Jack Satter House resident Sheila Golden, inside her Lynn art studio, participates in Vitalize 360 at Hebrew SeniorLife.

Staying active, living a healthy lifestyle as we age



Staying active, living a healthy lifestyle as we age

Jack Satter House resident Sheila Golden, inside her Lynn art studio, participates in Vitalize 360 at Hebrew SeniorLife.

We all know the importance of staying active and being healthy as we age. There are many benefits to staying active such as reducing the risks of falls, lowering high blood pressure and maintaining healthy bones. Yet, by age 75, about one in three men and one in two women do not engage in any physical activity, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

At Jack Satter House on Revere Beach, we believe staying active and fit helps residents live better, more meaningful lives. Satter House, a Hebrew SeniorLife community, provides independent and supportive affordable housing for 300 residents age 62 and older.

A key way we help our residents enjoy their best quality of life is through the Vitalize 360 program. Originally started at Hebrew SeniorLife, Vitalize 360 has grown into a nationally recognized program helping seniors live their best lives. The program combines an innovative, person-directed approach to wellness coaching. Vitalize 360 engages, challenges and inspires older adults to live full, healthy and vibrant lives, and enables communities to improve successful aging.

At Satter House and across all Hebrew SeniorLife’s senior living communities, Vitalize 360 is transforming lives. When Satter House introduced the program to residents, for example, about 40 people signed up. Today, nearly 100 residents of all ages are actively engaged at Satter House alone.

At Jack Satter House, resident Sheila Golden exemplifies the benefits of Vitalize 360. Golden grew up in Chelsea and moved to Satter House seven years ago. Passionate about painting in pastels, Golden always had a dream to open an art studio to take her art to the next level. Golden became a participant in Vitalize 360, meeting regularly with her coach to create a plan of how she would fulfill that goal. After some research, Golden found studio space in Lynn, where she is inspired to paint, network and share knowledge with other artists, and display her artwork in the gallery, volunteering in the store and living her dream.

“I have a passion for art,” said Golden. “I feel different when I’m painting and it makes me feel like something important and exciting is happening within me.”

“Vitalize 360 and my art studio help me feel active,” said Golden. “I’m more observant; I go outside and see the world, see nature. When you’re active, you’re free. I hope everyone can find something in their life that makes them happy.”

Golden has sold five of her paintings and plans to continue to display them for purchase at the gallery.

“I love living at Satter House,” said Golden. “Vitalize 360 has allowed me to live my best life and be around people I enjoy.”

As executive director, I believe Vitalize 360 is one of the ways Jack Satter House and Hebrew SeniorLife strive to help every resident focus on what matters most to them personally. I enjoy seeing residents live their best lives and embrace staying active as they age.

Jack Satter House is now accepting applications and has an open wait list. Since Satter House is a HUD-subsidized supportive housing community, applicants must meet specific criteria to live in the community, and rent is based on income. To learn more, call us at 781-289-4505.

Stephen Post is the executive director of the Jack Satter House.

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