Letters: Remembering Lawrence’s last shul



Letters: Remembering Lawrence’s last shul


Oh, the Little Shul. In their later years, my parents, then living in South Lawrence, were active members. In 1995, our mother Libby, my sister Ronnee and I, together with our own families, held the funeral for our husband, father and grandfather, Natie Greenstein, in that sanctuary. It was an amazing day and a lovely service, attended by many sitting in the ground floor and even the balcony. The Little Soul may close, but it will live on in our sweet memories as will the once thriving Lawrence Jewish community.

Todah to Frayda Koffman and the others who kept the flame going for so long and for ensuring that the Torahs and ark will find a new home for new generations.

Judith Greenstein, Via email


Thank you for your beautiful story about the enduring love of faith and hope (“Lawrence’s last shul to close,” Jewish Journal, Nov. 10.). L’dor v’dor – from generation to generation. Blessings to Ms. Koffman and to the members of the “Little Shul” who so valiantly maintained the spirit of true Judaism in the Merrimack Valley by keeping the flame alight for so many years.

Steven Rosenfeld, Andover


I remember visiting my grandmother every Rosh Hashanah as she prayed upstairs in the magnificent shul. It was a holiday tradition. I then would continue my walk to the shul on Concord Street. I am sad to see the end of an era but will always remember the beauty of this magnificent place of worship.

Selma (Schwartz) Flieder, Haverhill


Frayda Koffman has been a true champion for the “Little Shul!” I can recall going there as a young boy with my grandfather.

Richard Grossman, Via email


Thank you Frayda Koffman for keeping “The Little Shul” alive for so long. I can promise you my father and grandfather, who were past presidents of Ansha Sholum, are proud of you.

Judy Zaft Matulsky, Via email

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