Ruderman Foundation brings coping skills to students across the state



Ruderman Foundation brings coping skills to students across the state

BOSTON – In partnership with the Ruderman Family Foundation, the Kevin Love Fund today announced its expansion into Massachusetts, rolling out its free social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum in 25 schools across the state to support young people facing mental health struggles.

In collaboration with K-12 educators and SEL experts, the 14-week curriculum is customized for middle school, high school and college students, to guide them in expressing their emotions of fear, loss, anxiety, sadness and other difficult feelings while also destigmatizing mental health challenges.

The expansion of the curriculum will make it possible for Massachusetts educators to teach an evidence-based, engaging SEL curriculum as part of their mental health programming, where students learn how to cultivate empathy for others and themselves; understand the link between gratitude and well-being; harness creativity to support the healthy expression of emotions; and more. The Kevin Love Fund’s SEL curriculum is currently being used by schools in 34 other states serving more than 25,000 students.

“Mental health challenges are one of the single greatest thieves of human potential today – but it doesn’t have to be,” said Love, a five-time NBA All-Star now with the Miami Heat. “We want to make sure we are empowering youth, empowering their voices, letting them speak their own truths, and giving them the resources and tools needed to move forward.”

President of the Ruderman Family Foundation Jay Ruderman said, “We believe that the Kevin Love Fund’s social-emotional learning curriculum will be an important resource for Massachusetts teachers who can use it to emphasize themes of equity, inclusion, and creative expression in their work building student resilience, self-awareness and well-being.”

Throughout the program, video clips from celebrities, artists and other young adults allow students to see that they are not alone in their feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, grief or other challenging emotions. In the videos, students will see:

• Professional basketball player and Olympian Kevin Love speaking on the topic of creative writing and modeling vulnerability

• Professional basketball player and Celtics forward Grant Williams sharing how to create on your own mental health toolbox

• Famed British poet Hussain Manawer offering advice on poetry writing as it relates to expressing emotions

• Painter and activist Simone Lawrence sharing how she makes statements about racism and inequality through street art

• Professional basketball player Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns telling a story about practicing acts of kindness

• Dr. Nina Vasan, best-selling author, psychiatrist, and founder of “Brainstorm: The Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation,” describing the research behind the benefit of gratitude, and sharing her own personal daily gratitude practice

• Actor and filmmaker Bryan Cranston sharing the way he learned to reframe negative self-critical thoughts

• Two of the four cofounders of apparel brand MadHappy, Peiman Raf and Mason Specter, describing tools that help with their mental health, such as journaling and therapy.

“In building upon existing nonprofit and academic partnerships – as well as forging new connections with teachers and school counselors, school district leaders, and administrators – we are excited to bring our free curriculum and educator training to many more middle schools and high schools across the state,” said Dr. Ellie Foster, codirector of education for the Kevin Love Fund.

In Massachusetts, the Ruderman Family Foundation is leading the expansion of innovative mental health programs in schools; the convening of higher education presidents and mental health staff; and mental health professional development training for faculty. Θ

To learn more about the curriculum and bring it to your school, please visit

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