March of the Living participants walk in Jerusalem in 2022.

March of the Living trip will tour Germany, Poland and Israel



March of the Living trip will tour Germany, Poland and Israel

March of the Living participants walk in Jerusalem in 2022.

Since 1988, the Friends of the March of the Living (MOTL) organization has annually taken some 10,000 high schoolers and thousands of adults from 50 countries in a unique educational program where participants explored the remnants of the Holocaust in Poland, followed by a trip to witness the miracle of modern Israel. The program teaches Jewish history and culture, and the importance of tolerance and acceptance.

Now, organizers are planning a trip for adults May 1-14, 2024, that will take participants to Germany, Poland, and Israel. In Germany, the group will visit the Wannsee Conference villa where the “Final Solution” was conceived, concentration camps, ghettos, and other significant historical sites. That will be followed by a visit to Poland to learn about the Jewish communities lost during the Holocaust and attend the Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) commemoration at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Then the group will travel to Israel for solemn ceremonies marking Israel’s Memorial Day, followed by a festive nationwide celebration of 76 years of Israel’s independence.

“The MOTL trip is a transformative educational experience for adults, offering the opportunity to deepen their understanding of history, culture, and social justice, while fostering a sense of community and connection,” said Irv Kempner of Sharon, chair of the New England Friends of March of the Living.

He outlines several benefits and take-aways for adult participants:

• Visits to concentration camps and other sites where millions of Jews and others were systematically murdered; provides a deeper understanding of the horrors of the Holocaust and its lasting impact on the world.

• Connections with Jewish history and culture: visiting synagogues, museums, and other sites that highlight the rich and diverse history of the Jewish people.

• Developing a sense of community and connection: a group experience for participants to connect with other like-minded individuals.

• Developing leadership skills: Participants take on leadership roles such as leading discussions, organizing group activities, building confidence.

• Fostering a commitment to social justice: MOTL emphasizes the importance of tolerance and acceptance, encourages participants to become advocates for social justice and human rights. Participants become more committed to fighting prejudice, discrimination, and injustice in their own lives and communities. Θ

For information about the 2024 MOTL Adult Trip, contact Irv Kempner:

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