Harvey Terban



Harvey Terban

Harvey Terban
Born on Nov. 24, 1945, in Revere.
Died on Sept. 26, 2023, in Delray Beach, Fla. Harvey was 77 years old.
He is lovingly remembered by all his friends and family.

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  1. I was lucky to be with Harvey for 12 years. He was the love of my life. I was his caregiver and took care of him during his sickness.
    I will miss him so much.
    See you in heaven my sweet man.

  2. Your passing has been a jolt to us all. I feel lucky to have had you in my life for so long. I will miss our great conversations. R.I.P. Harvey, thanks for the lovely ride.

  3. I have known Harvey for over 20 years. I will never forget the first time he came to Phoenix and ended up staying with us for three months. back then he was into dog he and my husband became great friends and remains so over the years with all of my family. He was a rock when my husband passed away I am truly blessed to have known him and have him as a friend. Goodbye, dear friend hope you and Charlie are going to start up some kind of a ruckus up there.

  4. I was a young child when Harvey came into my life probably over 50 years ago.. the only memories I have of him are as the kind, quiet man that was one of the greatest friends my father ever had. When my father became very ill in early 2003 Harvey came. Harvey came right before my dad passed and he was present again for his memorial a month later. After my dad died, Harvey came to see my mother and I up in Tampa one weekend and he was diligent about maintaining his relationship with our family even 20 years after the death of his friend! THAT was Harvey. He was loyal and honest.. compassionate and always considered the needs and feelings of others. His death hits very deep with me.. I’ll never forget him! May his memory be a blessing!

  5. I am Harvey’s first cousin. I saw him in Virginia, but didn’t get
    to see him once he moved to Florida. Can someone please explain
    to me what was the cause of death. I spoke with him a couple of months ago and he seemed to be in good health. Please call me
    @ 843 972 8694. Thank you.
    Paul Terban

    1. Today is your birthday. I almost mailed your card as it is difficult to accept that you are not here. I keep you with me always. Miss you.
      Love, “Lin”

  6. Today is your 78th
    Birthday. I lit a candle to celebrate you.
    You are missed, and loved so much.
    Always in my heart.
    Love you,

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