Jayme Callum

GEN Z: Jayme Callum, 24



GEN Z: Jayme Callum, 24

Jayme Callum

Hometown: Peabody

Currently living in: Waltham

Alma maters: Cohen-Hillel Academy (now Epstein Hillel School), Gann Academy, Endicott College (2021)

Job: Event planner for an investment company in Boston, MFS Investment Management

Hobbies: I love to work out, play volleyball, spend time with my friends and family and my dog, who’s my favorite person in the world – [her name is] Piper, she’s a westiepoo.

Favorite music: Country. I listen to Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan.

Favorite movie: “She’s the Man”

Favorite TV show: “Gilmore Girls”

Favorite books: I don’t read often, but I did love “The Color Purple” when we read it in school.

Favorite travel destination: Anywhere tropical, but I also love going up to New Hampshire. I ski.

Favorite Jewish practice: When I was younger, we used to do [the Lappin Foundation program] Rekindle Shabbat probably once a month, if not more. A bunch of families would get together and we would do Shabbat together, but the kids would also get to hang out and play.

Favorite North Shore spot: The lighthouse in Crocker Park in Marblehead because you get to look at all the boats in the harbor.


Tell me about your Jewish background.

I went to a Jewish preschool, grew up going to temple – not too often, but not like we didn’t go. More than just the holidays. We still to this day take part in events with Chabad of Peabody. Just having my Jewish education as a part of my schooling, growing up. Just getting together for holidays [with my family]. We don’t always get to see family as much and that’s a time we all get to be together.

How is your Jewish experience now different from what you grew up with?

It’s definitely not as rooted in my life now as it was when I grew up, especially because of school – I was surrounded by it every single day [when I was growing up]. Now I still come home to go to the Chabad events, to come back to my temple [Ner Tamid] in Peabody, to do things with them.

You were featured in the Boston Globe a few years back in a story about college athletes. What was it like playing two sports in high school/college?

I started college at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania, and I played both volleyball and softball there. I also played both volleyball and softball for Gann [Academy], and was an all-star and all that stuff. That’s why that article is there.

I actually was only supposed to play softball, and it just so happened that the coaches connected at the school, and volleyball just sort of fell in my lap, I guess. Initially [I was looking at schools where I could play] just softball, but then I got the opportunity to play both. I was also initially going [to major in] physical therapy and quickly learned that I did not enjoy that … I switched majors, and I just wanted to be closer to home [so I transferred to Endicott]. I didn’t [play softball and volleyball at Endicott], but I started coaching volleyball at Gann. I started in 2019, took a few years off during COVID, and then I have been back coaching with them for two years.

Do you miss the North Shore?

I miss being close to the ocean … I just like to look out at the views. Θ

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