Letter: Where is our Jewish leadership during this time of crisis?



Letter: Where is our Jewish leadership during this time of crisis?

Almost daily I receive requests for donations from Jewish organizations, yet what are these organizations doing?

Biden is turning up the pressure on Israel to scale back and especially to not attack Hamas in Rafah. Meanwhile Sen. Schumer attacks Netanyahu. His rabbi calls him brave.

Immediately after the Oct. 7 barbaric attacks, Hamas calls on its followers to “decry the atrocities Israel is committing in Gaza,” even before one Israeli soldier had set foot in the territory. The deputy commander of Hamas’ military is on the phone with the UN, moments before his death. Relating to them instructions?

Hamas cheerleaders, implanted in American universities to staff the BDS movement, readily pick up on Hamas’ directives. Pro-Palestinian demonstrations are everywhere, flaunting antisemitic slogans and displaying symbols like bloody hands, which means “murder all the Jews.” Their demonstrations build momentum as it becomes clear that no one will confront them.

The UN issues dire warnings, millions of Gazans are starving, even as Israeli soldiers deliver aid to them. Yet no one blames Hamas! It’s all Netanyahu’s fault! The new libel is the same as the old libel: Jews are bloodsuckers, and Israel is run by Jews.

Biden worries about his re-election, and looks for ways to appease the Arab voters in Dearborn, Mich., where the libel that Israel itself staged the Oct. 7 attacks gains traction. He worries about the optics of pro-Palestinian demonstrations at the Democratic convention in Chicago. Meanwhile, retaining the votes of the American Jewish community is not a concern.

Where are the newspaper full-page testimonials of support for Israel and its government? Where are the pro-Israel demonstrations? What if Israel becomes another U.S. foreign policy failure?

Bruce Parks, Byfield

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