Letter: Recent Shribman column ‘extremely disappointing’



Letter: Recent Shribman column ‘extremely disappointing’

I found David Shribman’s recent article (“How Jews Could Swing the Vote Away from Trump in Florida,” May 2) to be extremely disappointing. While his election analysis was credible and his animosity toward Donald Trump understandable, he nonetheless does a painful disservice to Israel and the Jewish people.

First, he buys into the progressive left’s playbook of favoring the role of elites’ racial and social prejudices over the rights of the individual. Implicit in his vote-counting analysis is the assumption that Jewish voters are a monolithic group who are not smart enough to evaluate their individual preferences on the issues and who must therefore be advised to vote the same (and “proper”) way as a bloc. This is the same way the left has also treated Black, Hispanic, Muslim and Asian people for decades. This is demeaning and insulting.

Even worse is Mr. Shribman’s statement that “The typical Jewish voter likely won’t be tempted to go to Mr. Trump unless the progressive Democrats go even further in support of the Palestinians.” One might wonder how much further these Democrats must go in their antisemitic actions and calls for further genocide against the Jewish people before a Jew might consider voting for someone other than President Biden in 2024. This kind of thinking is morally reprehensible.

Finally, we have the implicit, oft-repeated homage to Joe Biden as a life-long supporter of Jews and Israel. Within the context of Mr. Biden’s post-Oct. 7 rhetoric, it is true that he has sporadically mouthed a few platitudes that Israel has the right to defend itself. However, his actions, including his recent policy of suspending the shipment of much-needed military aid to Israel as it seeks to root out Hamas, his failure to do anything meaningful to get Hamas to release the remaining hostages, and his failure to hold Hamas responsible for its murderous terrorism prove the lie in his claims of support.

David Askin, Methuen

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